RiskShield by INFORM selected by EVO Payments for Real-Time Transaction Risk Analysis

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INFORM set to roll out RiskShield’s real-time authentication and transaction monitoring solution across EVO Payments European operations.

As financial networks move toward instant payments, so too must all ecosystem stakeholders and their transaction risk analysis platforms. Prior to choosing INFORM’s RiskShield solution, EVO Payments, Inc. (“EVO”), a leading global provider of payment technology integrations and acquiring solutions, administered a thorough search for a PSD2 compliant, real-time transaction risk analysis (TRA) and monitoring platform.

“We conducted an extensive market analysis and concluded that RiskShield represented the best solution for EVO,” stated Darren Wilson, EVO’s President, International. “INFORM was responsive to our needs regarding PSD2 TRA exemptions, risk-based authentication, and instant payments. We are confident that INFORM’s ability to provide an agile solution will keep us prepared for any compliance or market changes that come within the rapidly evolving payments ecosystem. RiskShield’s intuitive front-end solution coupled with INFORM’s ability to rapidly deploy it also contributed to our final decision.”

Roy Prayikulam, Senior Vice President, Risk and Fraud at INFORM added, “The days for batch transaction analysis systems are numbered. Instant payments and PSD2 regulations require real-time decision engines in order to minimize friction. We are extremely pleased to work closely with EVO to help protect the organization and its merchants and to facilitate safer, faster payments using our real-time analysis technology.”

INFORM will begin the phased rollout of the RiskShield platform across EVO’s European operations later this year. Prayikulam concluded, “We are very enthusiastic about our recent selection by EVO Payments and look forward to building a strong partnership in which we can each learn from the other’s experiences on the international market.”


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