Study on the state of workforce management confirms INFORM solution approach

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The current study of the Working Time Alliance "The Future of Working Time - Working Time Management and Staff Scheduling" confirms INFORM's solution approach.

The current study of the Working Time Alliance The Future of Working Time - Working Time Management and Staff Scheduling deals with the essential success factors that companies have to deal with in practice.

  • Where is the topic of working time deployment today?
  • What level of maturity do software solutions have for the flexible deployment of working time?
  • What is the importance of a demand-driven staff scheduling, now and in the future?
  • What developments do companies and their human resource management anticipate by the year 2020?

The complete study is available in the downloads section. The main results of the study of almost 200 companies from various sectors can be seen below.

Demand-driven planning and working time flexibility

A demand-driven staff scheduling, that can react flexibly to changing circumstances, is deemed indispensable by the companies surveyed. Overall there is a mismatch between the actual flexibility demands and the actual use of flexibility.

Consideration of employee needs

Not only have the demands on the flexibility of the employees increased, but also the expectations of the employees regarding the flexible consideration of their individual needs.

Workforce management 2020

The biggest challenges in the next five years are expected to be equally: cost pressure, employee satisfaction and flexibility. To ensure an optimal balance between the interests of the employees, working time requirements, costs and quality, software solutions for workforce management are demanded with extensive configurability and scalability, particularly in relation to the required flexibility potentials.

A sustainable competitive advantage – for themselves and their customers – is expected for those software providers who manage to deliver comprehensive functionality for the entire staff scheduling process and at the same time support the future topic of “rapid and flexible reaction to fluctuations in staff demand”.

By the implementation of suitable scheduling for each operation, the highest priority is given to the individual tailoring to the specific needs of the company. Beyond the IT there are numerous success factors that must be strictly observed in order to sustainably implement suitable planning.


The study confirms INFORM’s chosen approach: the selection and deployment of a workforce management solution should not be decided by "Features and Functions". The consistent alignment with the individual needs of the company is of essential importance. Only then can the potential of the workforce management be fully utilized. For this reason, WorkforcePlus uses a unique technology which is based on a so-called deduction system. It is thus possible to quickly and easily implement individual customer requirements. You can obtain more information about WorkforcePlus here.


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