SyncroSupply CENTRAL - the comprehensive supply chain platform from INFORM

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The continuous organization of the entire supply chain, from the supplier to  on-time delivery to the customer over several transport stages, is a strategic success factor for industrial companies. INFORM offers a comprehensive solution for this - a platform that makes it possible to connect all the partners within a logistics network. Transparency and collaboration play an increasingly important role in this. It is essential to give every supply chain participant real-time access to necessary information in order to ensure an efficient and seamless supply chain.

"Transparency, customer centricity and ever shorter delivery times - these demands can only be met by companies working together with their partners along the entire supply chain. With SyncroSupply CENTRAL, companies create a balance between digitization, service quality and competitiveness," says Matthias Wurst, Head of Business Development Industry at INFORM. "With our platform, each party has access to all relevant data and processes within the network at all times. This form of collaboration is essential today when it comes to ensuring an efficient and seamless supply chain".

The integrated solution puts companies in a position to control the whole material logistics process seamlessly. The system monitors end-to-end transparency in both delivery and incoming goods. This starts with time window management, which enables freight forwarders and suppliers to book slots for deliveries and pick-ups.

ETA or GPS information can be made available via interfaces to many telematics or forwarding systems or via the Truck App. In addition, the system works in real time. Unplanned events are no problem, because the system calculates a new schedule at the delivery location within a few seconds.

Upload and download of freight documents, electronic delivery confirmation, electronic damage reports simplify and accelerate the delivery process. Various IT systems can be easily connected via standard interfaces. Information can be shared with the partners on the platform or integrated into their own systems (e.g. booked time slots). In this way, all material flows can be tracked from the order through loading and delivery.

"The real-time access to all available information of all processes along the supply chain connects the platform participants. This creates an essential basis for future-oriented and efficient collaboration for all partners," says Matthias Wurst. Various shippers, forwarders and customers are already using SyncroSupply CENTRAL.


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