SyncroTESS goes live at Posten Norge’s Oslo hub

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In August Posten Norge went live with INFORM's SyncroTESS Hub Standard software at their new Oslo logistics hub allowing them to benefit from its Agile Optimization capabilities.

SyncroTESS provides Agile Optimization of hub and yard processes. The software delivers a high degree of automation and optimization allowing for increased efficiency and decreased costs.

"We wanted a commercial off-the-shelf hub management solution," commented Heidi Edvardsen, IT Manager at Posten Norge, "and INFORM's software has met this requirement."

"We began planning the project in early 2015," commented Dr. Eva Savelsberg, Senior Vice President Logistics Division at INFORM.

"INFORM has worked closely with Posten Norge as the project has unfolded and we are pleased that the first live implementation phase of INFORM's software was delivered on schedule."

The go-live represents the culmination of the first phase of a multi-phase project to deliver increased optimization capabilities across Posten Norge as part of their broader resource consolidation and optimization efforts in conjunction with the logistics hub project.

"Combining three different hubs into a single location provides unique yard management challenges. We're excited about the optimization potential that SyncroTESS will provide in allowing us to utilize the innovative hub configuration in the best way possible", added Heidi Edvardsen. The multi-phase project is expected to come to a close in early 2017 alongside completion of the Oslo hub project.

In addition to implementing SynroTESS Hub Standard for their Oslo hub, they have elected to expand their logistics information network with the installation of SyncroTESS WebDepot at an additional 26 locations.

SyncroTESS WebDepot allows small sites, and external service providers, to input and share transport-relevant data in real-time; Dr. Savelsberg explains, " the collation of data enables the networked system to reach an even higher degree of optimization that is unlikely to be achieved by any single site on its own."

Posten Norge's new logistics hub consolidates their existing parcel, refrigerated goods, and business logistics hubs within a purpose built facility; which will be the largest of its kind in Norway when completed.

Combining multiple hubs within a single location provides them with several benefits including an increase in efficiency; INFORM's solution, for Post and Parcel Centers, was selected to allow them to maximize the efficiency gains.

Posten Norge is a Nordic postal logistics operator that delivers services to the Nordics. Established in 1647, the Norwegian postal operator has stood the test of time.

However, the rapid emergence of e-commerce combined with decreases in traditional letter service revenues has meant that they have had to evolve quickly to remain competitive.

INFORM's Agile Optimization Software is helping Posten Norge to compete in the digital age by maximizing untapped potential within their assets, infrastructure, and organization.


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