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INFORM optimizes inbound truck management for the automotive supplier Samvardhana Motherson Peguform.

Since December 2015 the automotive supplier Samvardhana Motherson Peguform has been using INFORM software to manage the logistics of all its supply processes. The SyncroSupply system coordinates the whole dispatch and delivery process for this specialist in interior and exterior components. Initially implemented in the Neustadt factory the software is being rolled out in the coming months to further sites in Goettingen, Boetzingen, Oldenburg Meerane and Schierling. In Neustadt SMP's 2,500 employees produce cockpits and instrument panels, door panels, bumper modules and innovative plastic automotive body parts. To this purpose 350 trucks arrive at the factory daily to deliver material and pick up finished components. SMP is looking to use the INFORM software to bring more transparency to the truck control process which up till now has been organized manually. The system supports the company in two essential ways: a time-slot management system delivers a planning framework for the handling processes while at the same time day to day loading and unloading operations are controlled in real time. In this way SMP is intending to avoid holdups at the factory gate and reduce the idling and throughput lead-times for trucks.

Thomas Kleinebrahm, SMP's Warehouse Manager explains: "Increasing transport costs drove us to the limits of our handling procedures. What we knew was which quantities would be delivered on what day, but not when they would arrive. So the idea behind a software system was to make the delivery process more transparent and significantly smooth out peak business periods. Thanks to the INFORM software we are now in a position to meet these demands.

At the Neustadt plant employees load and unload up to 350 trucks daily at 30 different loading bays. Around a third of the vehicles pick up goods at set times and at regular intervals. SMP employees register these so-called 'normal' running operations in the INFORM system so that the software can oversee them at the planning stage. They then use INFORM's time slot management system to organize the remaining part of the delivery traffic. The hauliers log their loading and unloading operations via an internet portal and the system allocates a time slot for the delivery. The result is that peak load and offload times can be smoothed out in this way before the delivery day. Kleinebrahm goes on: 'In addition we can ensure optimal harmonization between the delivery and drop-off dates and our loading and unloading capacity." On the delivery day, the truck driver registers at the barrier using a transponder linked to INFORM's SyncroSupply system. SyncroSupply then leads the truck driver in real time through the designated loading points. As Kleinebrahm adds: "Thanks to the system's real time control we are in a position to react quickly to unforeseen events such as trucks arriving late. In this case the system can work out a completely new sequence within seconds." It guarantees a constantly updated overview of the situation anywhere in the factory. In addition SMP can quickly deal with the trucks without long waiting times and thereby distribute the necessary resources evenly.

About Samvardhana Motherson Peguform (SMP)

Samvardhana Motherson Peguform (SMP) is a leading specialist in the field of plastics technologies and a system partner of the automobile industry. In this capacity SMP supplies nearly all the major automotive manufacturers in Europe, China, Brazil, Mexico and the USA. Products include, amongst other things, cockpits and instrument panels, door panels, bumper modules and innovative vehicle parts made from plastic. Globally more than 10,000 employees in a total of 32 production and logistics centers meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, aesthetics and cost efficiency in their daily work. Closely coordinated work across all the specialist departments and locations ensures that the whole group benefits from the best processes and sector experts throughout the company. In the financial year 2014/15 SMP achieved a turnover of 2.2 billion Euro. The business was founded in 1959. Since 2011 it has been part of the Samvardhana Motherson Group, which with a workforce of more than 75,000 and a turnover of 6.9 billion US dollars ranks amongst the world's fifty largest automotive suppliers.

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