Transparent time slot management – Vehicle manufacturer optimizes delivery traffic with INFORM software

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With the intelligent time slot management software, SYNCROSUPPLY, from INFORM, a further vehicle manufacturer optimizes all delivery traffic at its European logistics centers. Around 2,500 deliveries of components and finished vehicles are coordinated every month. The goal is to increase transparency in the planning of truck arrivals and to organize the downstream processes involved in loading and unloading more efficiently.

"The decision to introduce a powerful time slot management system with SYNCROSUPPLY is an important step for this customer," says Matthias Wurst, Director Business Development Manufacturing at INFORM. "Due to the large number of goods and transports at its European logistics hubs, it is often unknown until the day itself: how many trucks will deliver goods; with which goods they will deliver or who will pick them up for onward transport". In addition, many suppliers and forwarders plan their truck tours according to their own schedule. "This is why there was no overview of which truck with which material will arrive when."

An early view of delivery traffic

With the time slot management system from INFORM arrivals and deliveries can now be planed exactly. Via the SYNCROSUPPLY CENTRAL platform, the carriers and suppliers enter a preferred time of arrival when booking a time slot. The system then checks whether the required staff and loading ramps at the relevant logistics center are available for loading or unloading in the requested time. In coordination with the existing bookings, the software suggests either the required or - if already occupied - other time slots to the carrier. "This approach means earlier and more accurate information for the customer when and where goods will be delivered or picked up. The full transparency of all inbound and outbound traffic increases operational efficiency and improves safety at the terminals due to the better controlled traffic flow," Wurst continues.

INFORM convinces with individual customization

When selecting the software, the company was particularly interested in ensuring that when booking a time slot, both the type of material and the unloading situation at the delivery location are considered. Depending on the type of material, the logistics centers have fixed gates and ramps for loading and unloading. INFORM was able to adapt the booking process to this situation. As soon as a supplier indicates during the booking process which material, they will transport, the system only shows them free time slots at the selected location on the ramps provided for this material. A further benefit of the INFORM software for the customer is the possibility of including container transports in the planning.


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