UK Mail uses SyncroTESS to speed up yard performance

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Newly constructed hub uses state-of-the-art technology to handle up to 24,000 parcels per hour. INFORM’s software synchronizes yard processes with high-speed sorting equipment.

UK Mail, UK’s largest independent express delivery company, selected INFORM’s software SyncroTESS to optimize the yard operations at their newly constructed hub in Ryton (Coventry).

When their existing headquarters and sorting facility in Birmingham had to make way for the government’s high speed rail route (HS2), the parcel operator decided to add significantly more speed to the new hub in Ryton. State-of-the art automation technology and sorting equipment now allow the parcel operator to handle up to 24,000 parcels per hour – that’s four times more than at the former facility in Birmingham.

In order to match the speed of the new equipment with the yard processes, UK Mail was looking for a solution to synchronize and automate the flow of goods in and out of their hub.  Standard yard management systems (YMS) promised some relief, but could not keep pace with the ever increasing parcel volumes. UK Mail eventually selected INFORM’s advanced optimization software SyncroTESS. The software automatically generates transport orders to ensure that yard operators have the right equipment at the right place and at the right time.

As part of the software package, INFORM’s WebDepot solution incorporates customer and company depots all over the UK into the logistics chain. In this way, UK Mail benefits from the enhanced flow of transport related information within the chain, avoiding bottlenecks caused by unexpected high transport volumes approaching the hub.

A further criterion for the decision to opt for INFORM was the project’s tight timeline. Construction of the new facility started in spring 2014, relocation began in February 2015 and the site was scheduled to be fully operational by May 2015. INFORM’s project team successfully implemented the software within just six months.

“Since SyncroTESS is up and running, UK Mail has observed an increased efficiency in the allocation and utilization of its yard resources” says Dr. Eva Savelsberg, Vice President of INFORM’s logistics division.


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