WERU supplements ERP system with intelligent inventory optimization software

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The manufacturer of windows and doors relies on add*ONE from INFORM for high-quality planning with low manual effort.

WERU GmbH, the market-leading manufacturer of windows and doors, plans a wide range of around 35,000 products with the help of add*ONE Inventory Optimizer.

In the past, WERU's product range was planned separately at two different sites, in Rudersberg and Triptis, Germany. This resulted in high stock levels at each plant: The optimization potential for the entire company network could not be realized. Moreover, previous planning was lacking reliable forecasts for future demand and semi-finished products. Cost-efficient lot size optimization was also out of reach. In addition, inventory management at WERU was hampered by the large variety of items and, in some cases, long replenishment lead times due to the company's exclusive product portfolio and the Europe-wide procurement from around 1,500 suppliers. The cost-efficient perspective on procurement is, however, of fundamental importance in order to avoid erroneous and redundant stocks, especially for the order-based business.

Diverse optimization goals

With the implementation of add*ONE from INFORM, a uniform and comprehensive planning basis was achieved. Material requirements planning is now mapped and optimized across all warehouses without media breaks. In addition, the company has set numerous goals with the new software for the improvement of its inventory management, including: cross-warehouse inventory reductions, reliable forecasts for the detection of demand trends and seasonal sales, automatic consideration of supply interruptions caused by holidays, and the associated dynamic safety stock calculation. Furthermore, material requirements and inventory planners at WERU showed a particular interest in an automated ordering process for C-items in order to significantly reduce their planning efforts. Increased transparency was also a priority, which was enabled by the large number of key figures that add*ONE offers.

More focus with less effort

The software's management-by-exception approach helped convince the project participants at WERU to decide in favor of add*ONE. The company can now profit from indicators that signal the threat of stock-out situations. The add-on optimization software complements the existing ERP system, Cantor. add*ONE filters out all material numbers that pose a risk for stock-outs or noncompliance with customer orders, and displays them by degree of urgency. This feature directs the attention of the six planners at WERU to critical and time-sensitive order situations. In addition, routine orders can now be placed either with a single click, or automatically. Furthermore, an intelligent calculation of forecasts at the item level enables precise purchase order placement at suppliers, with the optimal quantity, at the optimal time.

The WERU Group

The Weru and Unilux brands annually produce around half a million windows and 16,000 doors at several production sites in Germany. The WERU Group develops and manufactures products that consistently set standards in terms of energy efficiency, safety, comfort and design, assured by more than 1,200 experienced and qualified employees. For further information, visit www.weru.com


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