Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

APS systems help to solve complex planning problems. In mechanical engineering, thousands of work orders consisting of numerous operational steps and allocated to many different resources need to be planned efficiently. The classical approach of solving these problems does normally not factor in the information present in ERP systems and, therefore, does not reflect the actual production requirements.


As an add-on to ERP systems, APS is a tool for precise process control in manufacturing and provides: 

  • planning under consideration of real, limited resources 
  • transparency across all manufacturing processes 
  • early detection and prevention of critical parts 
  • simulation for reliable decision-making.

This optimized planning approach results in cost and economic efficiency in manufacturing.

Solution FELIOS | APS Features

By means of its special algorithmic processes, FELIOS | APS has been conceived for the use in discrete manufacturing. It is important to plan all customer orders with all running production orders and deliveries dynamically as an order network. Simultaneously, changes in capacities of personnel, machines and material availability are taken into account continuously.

  • Special optimization processes

    All parts and orders can be coordinated and synchronized optimally.

  • Scenario analyses

    Possible consequences of postponements for customer orders are presented transparently.

  • Online simulation

    Planners get an immediate impression about the feasibility of project inquiries or particular completion dates required by the customer.

  • Excellent visualization

    All information on the planning situation is presented clearly.

  • Freely definable and user-friendly search and filter functions

    Precise and interdepartmental information concerning the process workflow and planning state is available very fast.

  • IT interfaces

    An easy connection to all conventional PPS/ERP systems is normally realizable quickly.

  • Material flow optimization

    A smooth and efficient material flow is guaranteed by the daily specification of a feasible, synchronized production process.

  • Multi-plant capability

    The possibility to optimize planning and procurement processes among several plants and production sites.


FELIOS | APS allows an arrears-free and synchronous realization of complex order networks. The capacities are always planned intelligently considering all current order networks. FELIOS | APS offers the following top advantages:

  • Need-based procurement

    Optimized procurement management leads to lower stocks and fewer missing parts.

  • Identification of critical paths

    Automatic identification of problem sources in the value chain, and recommendation of respective solution.

  • High adherence-to-schedule

    Customer changes and wishes can be handled flexibly.

  • Need-based disposition

    Management of material supply and commissioning is optimized.

  • Shorter lead times

    Lead times can be shortened by practice-oriented and dynamic scheduling processes.

  • Cost reduction

    Data-based recommendations for the reasonable use of outsourcing or overtime enables companies to reduce costs.

  • Early warning system

    Production problems can be reported and solved immediately by real-time optimization.

Production according to the market demand

Production according to the market demand

Conventional ERP systems calculate with unlimited resources. By contrast, FELIOS | APS takes the real personnel and machine capacities into account. This way, a network of operations based on the current orders can be generated. Thus, materials, parts and components can be acquired according to the demand and deadlines.

With this software solution for making intelligent decisions, your company with its very individual production processes, such as in single-item and small-batch production, can obtain interdepartmental planning transparency and reliability.

FELIOS Online Simulation

FELIOS Online Simulation

The simulation function is integrated as standard in FELIOS. It supports planners in taking suitable successful measures. This function can be used online in daily business to respond to delivery and date inquiries. Production disturbances, such as personnel shortages, machine failures or late purchase parts, and their long-term effect on the planning situation can be immediately recognized. Thereby, solution scenarios can be initiated.

FELIOS offers fast “what-if” analyses that depict possible scheduling consequences for customer orders or  expected missing parts transparently.

Consulting - People in the Focus

Consulting - People in the focus

On your path to a production according to the market demand, you will be accompanied by our consultants. They support you to sustainably establish cost-effectiveness and adherence-to-schedule in the order processing for complex components, machines and plants. The system can be built up in your company within 3-6 months, depending on the extent of the project and the depth of process integration.

You will benefit from our consulting with a strong branch focus and expertise in the effective design and optimization of:

  • Business process and organization
  • Production process and assembly
  • Procurement, purchasing and scheduling
  • Key point indicators and controlling


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