Machine and Systems Engineering

Complex machinery needs to be manufactured, assembled and shipped in ever shorter time periods. Especially the final assembly often creates unexpected delays. Growing pressure from national and international competitors has made efficient production planning increasingly important.


Manufacturers in machine engineering often face specific challenges when it comes to efficient production planning: 

  • on-time production in spite of highly variable constructions 
  • precise control and coordination of a multitude of work orders 
  • efficient synchronization of purchasing and in-house manufacturing 
  • increased market requirements due to digitalization.

Economic challenges and a highly competitive market create additional pressure. Therefore, machinery engineering companies are facing increasing difficulties to manufacture their high-value products in line with the capacities and on schedule.

Solution FELIOS Features

FELIOS has revolutionized planning and controlling in machinery and systems engineering. Many leading companies already benefit from the intelligent optimization. Based on existing PPS/ERP data, the production planning is calculated with limited capacities and materials. Thus, customer orders can be processed error-free and on time.

  • Simulation of sales inquiries

    Identification of a feasible delivery date by considering existing work loads, capacities and purchased components.

  • Reference orders for planning capacity needs

    Use of old orders with similar bills of material (BOMs) for unkown parts of orders

  • Production controlling and statistics

    Suitable key performance indicators (KPIs) for tracking the achievement of objectives are automatically available.

  • History of analyses and planning data

    Cockpits and dashboards visualize historical data as the development of arrears, lead times, missing parts etc.

  • Creation of work lists

    Also available for areas related to the production such as design, preparatory work, material procurement or test work stations.

  • Prioritization and fixation of orders

    The whole order network or individual orders can be prioritized.

  • Order networks with critical paths

    Graphical and tabular presentation of the global order networks.

  • Order scheduling based on finite capacities

    Optimization according to target parameters for adherence-to-schedule, work load and short-term business (service, spare parts).


FELIOS optimization systems are state of the art in machine and systems engineering. These systems intelligently plan production processes for a reliable delivery on time. Moreover, FELIOS offers the following advantages for planning processes in the field of machinery and systems engineering:

  • Central transparency

    At any given time, reliable and current information about the expected completion dates can be accessed.

  • Early warning about postponements

    Effects on the production processes and orders are directly pointed out and visualized.

  • Solution assistant

    Recommendations are based on the inrease in work expenditures meeting the demand (overtime, extra work shifts).

  • Synchronous work distribution

    Dynamic work lists are synchronized to dates, available capacities and material availability.

  • Minimization of missing parts

    Procurement dates for purchased parts, order positions and outsourced items are optimized.

  • Dissolution of arrears

    Automatic, arrears-free scheduling of all open operations and production orders is ensured.

  • Reduction of routine work

    Less manual re-scheduling and consequently greater flexibility for short-term work assignments.

  • Upgrading of work places

    Co-workers will gain valuable time for further developing production processes.

Better Communication with Suppliers

Better Communication with Suppliers

FELIOS sustainably improves the communication with suppliers and external manufacturers. The scheduling is based on the customer order networks. Therefore, the multiple usage of purchased parts can be proofed  down to the customer orders immediately. For example, partial deliveries can be triggered or amounts of procured materials minimized. Missing parts in production and assembly are prevented and, at the same time, stocks are continuously reduced.

This way, the system diminishes many unneccessary scheduling conferences in the company, thereby allowing companies to focus their meetings on essential issues.

Success Story: Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik

Success Story: Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik

Searching for a holistic planning approach suitable for single-piece and small-lot manufacturing, the business unit head of Mechanical Production of the company 'Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik', Andreas Mentzel, came across the software FELIOS. After FELIOS was implemented, the company's lead times were clearly shortened and the adherence-to-schedule rose.

"Thanks to FELIOS, the schedulers in the departments Purchasing or Work Preparation can now react early to threats of missing parts or resource bottlenecks and can initiate measures if necessary."

Industry 4.0—With proven concepts, trying something new

Industry 4.0 - With proven concepts, trying something new

The pressure to change to an intelligent, self-organizing production with smart machines is increasing. Companies need to decide now, how they are going to tackle this challenge. Proven concepts might be the solution: they have already worked for a long time and can easily be integrated into the existing production landscape. Using intelligent methods, these strategies synchronize production processes to the market demand to optimally manage costs, quality and time.

In the field of machine and systems engineering, FELIOS has already used particular methods for some time optimizing production planning in terms of Industry 4.0.


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