Single-item and small-batch production

To become a competent player in a diverse field of industries, the mere ability to offer high-value, specialized products is not sufficient in today's markets. This makes rapid, precise and cost-efficient production in single-item and small-batch manufacturing indispensable.


Efficient planning in single-item and small-batch manufacturing faces many challenges. Amongst others these are:

  • Small batches
  • Continuous change
  • A high degree of customizability and thus a large number of variants
  • Highly diverse manufacturing processes 
  • Short-term delivery bottlenecks in external manufacturing
  • Planning with custom parts 
  • Fixed capital arising from dormant inventory.

Production planning software helps single-item and small-batch manufacturers to make educated decisions through highly dynamic planning to overcome these challenges. It enables them to react to disruptive events with a high level of flexibility.

Solution FELIOS Features

Complementing your company's existing PPS/ERP system, FELIOS optimizes the entire work sequence. This way, orders can be processed fast and reliably. The intelligent networking of orders and assignment of materials over all scheduling steps prevents bottlenecks and saves material as well as personnel resources. FELIOS offers the following key features:

  • Planning with limited capacities

    The operation sequence is optimally planned over all work stations and always takes the available capacities into account.

  • Simulation of scenarios

    Quantity changes and schedule changes as well as their effects on the current order backlog can be analyzed.

  • Automatic and manual planning

    Frozen zones can be flexibly adjusted. FELIOS enables manual fixation and prioritization of entire production orders or operations.

  • Setup optimization

    A summary of identical parts is compiled to reduce setup times.

  • Optimized work supply per work station

    Work is coordinated intelligently among individual work stations and machine groups.

  • Identification of bottlenecks

    Each work station has a practice-oriented planning board which enables setting alternatives (e.g. alternative work stations, outsourcing, extended workbench).

  • Optimized scheduling and order release

     Capacity and demand based scheduling recommendations for production and purchased parts.

  • Analyses, key performance indicators and statistics

     Automized reporting regarding, e.g., orders, suppliers, materials, productivity and degree of completion.


FELIOS meets all the challenges in the single-item and small-batch production that conventional PPS/ERP systems ignore. Implementing FELIOS, your company can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Flexibility

    Synchronous and automatic planning processes increase work flexibility demanded by an individualized series production.

  • Better resource utilization

    Material flows are coordinated to best compensate and smooth peak loads as well as bottlenecks.

  • Interdepartmental transparency

    Central and current information is given about the degree of processing and the completion date of all orders.

  • Risk monitoring

    All details on parts that are at risk being late are provided. FELIOS recommends the user realistic solutions to maintain adherence-to-schedule.

  • Fast simulation

    Various planning scenarios can be carried out in real-time, for example, machine failures or customer inquiries.

  • Production cockpit

    Faster overview of KPIs such as degree of flow, arrears development, lead times, bottlenecks as well as diverse target-actual comparisons.

Time is Money

Time is Money

Based on key performance indicators such as arrears evaluation, missing parts quotas, lead times, expense factor, flow rate or work-in-progress (WIP), processes can be identified where time or money is wasted. These processes can be optimized with FELIOS. Therefore, process-relevant KPIs are identified and visualized according to the company´s requirements.

An example: For one particular expert user, the expense of preparing weekly evaluations in Excel was reduced from 45 minutes to only 15 seconds.

Success Story: Neumeister Hydraulik

Success Story: Neumeister Hydraulik

The company "Neumeister Hydraulik" is only one example of a successfully applied production planning according to the market demand. Clearly positive effects can be seen in the increased order volume that was handled without the need for additional administration.

"FELIOS frees up our planners and schedulers to 80-90% from tedious routine work. Thanks to the intelligent planning and transparency, we are focusing on minimizing risks in the production process. When something happens, we are making the right decisions fast. We can handle our strong growth and the necessary flexibility with the same team in our order center." Helmut Wöhr, Technical Director at Neumeister Hydraulik GmbH.

Intelligent Planning offers High Potentials

Intelligent Planning offers High Potentials

Based on optimization indicators, INFORM has created benchmarks with which the individual values and KPIs of the future customer can be compared with existing FELIOS applications. Already in the evaluation phase, it becomes clear, which optimization gains a single-item and small-batch producer can achieve.

In three steps, we offer interested persons a qualified, KPI-based overview about:

  • The current state of production
  • Available data quality, and
  • The extensive potential of implementing FELIOS.


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