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As certified Qlik Elite Partner, numerous customer projects have shown us that for Qlik users it is especially helpful when they can edit their data directly in QlikView and Qlik Sense.

Therefore, INFORM | BI developed the extension Write!.

This extension allows data editing directly in QlikView and QlikSense. This way, data can be adjusted or added in the applications on the fly. 

The processing in the Qlik surface is possible without integrating additional data sources such as Excel or CSV files. You can work in the QlikView desktop app, web view as well as in QlikSense. For the editing of data, any HTML object can be used, such as checkboxes, drop-down-menus or free-text-field.

The data can be stored in two different ways. The first way is storing the Qlik data automatically in external data files, such as the Qlik database format QVD. The second way is storing it in XML or CSV files.

Moreover, Write! features a write-back-functionality that is unique on the market. It allows rewriting the processed data in every original database, regardless of what database type it is, even rewriting in SAP is possible. 

If you are interested we can send you a Write! Set Up Demo Server. Contact us here. 

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The Write! Extension of INFORM allows you

Write data back to file or database as desiredor create new data in Qlik.

Free selection of input masks/entry fields, such as: free text fields, checkboxes, dropdown fields and date picker.

Edit data live in the user interface and edit it from mobile devices - wherever and whenever you want!

Make detailed plans on different levels and perform fast top-down and bottom-up planning.

Implement spreadsheet calculations (as in Excel) and improve individual weighting of factors.

Simply transfer reference data and execute planning on the basis of real historical data.


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