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An operational Frontline Manager’s main role is to oversee the operation and to manage the operational flow through monitoring, coordination and communication as well as through on-site presence in the area of responsibility.

Given to the fact that Frontline Managers spend most of their time out in the operation, they have no access to real-time staff dispatch data. A high quality service can only be realized when the complexity of Frontline Management is mastered.


This is where myStaff comes in.

myStaff assures the operational flow everywhere and anytime. Through the app, Frontline Managers can connect with GS RealTime Staff and hence with dispatchers and agents. With the app users can identify the need for additional staff for flight or location and request those staff from the dispatcher – even when out in the operation. myStaff monitors the start and end of each task to ensure punctuality and makes sure that manpower is used efficiently and fairly.

Innovative technologies and an intuitive UX design connect Frontline Managers with staff dispatch. Developed in cooperation with our airline clients, myStaff empowers Frontline Manager to spend more time in the operation in order to focus on customer service and on-time departures.

myStaff makes it possible to individually take into account the conflicting goals between cost-efficient staffing, employee needs and high customer satisfaction. The result is the best possible quantitative and qualitative staffing.

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The app supports all relevant processes for monitoring, coordinating and communicating the necessary staff activities in order to achieve the desired service level. The Frontline Manager is able to oversee the operation in real-time and to act considering the conflicting goals between cost-efficient processing and high customer satisfaction.


    The Frontline Management can view the current status of staff dispatch and be notified about insufficient staffing in their span of control.


    between Frontline Management and staff dispatch in order to allow maximum airport throughput under adverse conditions.


    The solution determines and continuously updates the activities to be carried out. It monitors the punctuality of each task start and end.


    myStaff assures that Frontline Managers are involved in staff dispatching. They are not only able to understand the current situation but can also evaluate and communicate their assessment via the app to the dispatcher.


    All job-related activities will be transmitted in real time to the Frontline Manager via tablets and smartphones. The Frontline Manager is able to oversee and manage the operation in their area of responsibility - everywhere and anytime.


  • Management by Exception

  • Collaborative Decision Making

  • Reduced Manual Effort

  • Transparency

  • Optimized Resource Utilization

  • Improved Communication


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