10th GroundStar User Conference September 12 to 14, 2018 in Berlin, Germany


You are kindly invited to the 10th GroundStar User Conference in Berlin, Germany from September 12 to 14, 2018.

The conference will give you an exceptional opportunity to gain insight into recent developments in the INFORM solution portfolio and to learn best practices from our experts. It is also an excellent occasion to share ideas and experiences with other GroundStar users from all over the world.

Following the positive response from the previous User Conference, we will again feature different tracks for the various solutions, such as passenger services, ramp handling, airline and airport.

Furthermore, the conference will also give you a chance to actively contribute to the future development of GroundStar by providing your valuable input and opinions. As a major new feature of the upcoming GroundStar User Conference, we will show you how previous customer contribution has made its way into recent development and releases.

Do not miss this chance to join us in Berlin!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Date and Place

September 12 to 14, 2018
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Sheraton Berlin Grand Hotel Esplanade
Lützowufer 15
10785 Berlin, Germany

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  • Acciona

    Agile deployment of GS WorkforcePlus

    ACCIONA’s experience in the simultaneously deployment of GS WorkforcePlus at 11 airports in a record time of 6 months. Key facts, benefits and lesson learned topics will be presented by Manuel Grandio, a key member in this challenging project.

    Manuel Grandio, Project Manager

  • Alaska Airlines


    Airline Merger + Gate Optimization = Increased Productivity

    Two North American carriers with different gate management and flight operations systems deployed GS RealTime Stands and Gates to their 3 largest hubs prior to the merger. The result was a more seamless merger and increased productivity. 

    Keith Allen, Product Manager

  • Assaia

    Using AI to optimize turns & prevent accidents

    Assaia uses the latest AI technology to teach computers to understand the world like we humans do. In our presentation, we share how we make turns more efficient and prevent accidents at the ramp. We do this by applying the same technology and concepts that are driving the success of Google, Amazon and Facebook. You will see how we turn massive amounts of unstructured data (e.g., video feeds from ramp CCTV cameras) into structured data such as timestamps, predictions, and alerts. This new level of data availability can then be leveraged through systematic process mining as well as the automation of back-office processes, such as billing & compliance.

    Max Diez, CEO


    2019 Airport Operations – A Peak into the Near Future

    Often, futuristic “smart” concepts of airports are marked by adding new, highly sophisticated ideas – drones, robots and supersonic jets. But isn’t it rather about replacing inefficient elements to be successful?
    Think about gas-guzzling GSE equipment – electrified. Manual roster creation – digitalized. Long queues due to static planning – minimized.
    However, it takes more than just single concepts for true operational excellence. It is rather their alignment and harmonization, forming a major task for airport managers.  
    Let us present to you the 2019 airport operation, enriched by examples from our Showcase STR! Join us to learn about integrated autonomous passenger transport in GroundStar tools, creating new dimensions of passenger experience that will blow your mind.

    Michael Gassner, Managing Consultant

  • Damarel

    Automating the Service to Invoice/Payment Process

    How to increase revenues while reducing overheads and improving cash flow. Capture service provision ship side and complete the invoicing in 5 clicks.

    Lauren Carnell, Account Manager
    James Kelly, Account Manager

  • Delta Air Lines

    Presentation Title tba

    Description tba

    Bryan Reiter, Director Operations ATL

  • indoo.rs

    Optimizing PRM Management and increasing efficiency using Indoor Positioning

    The number of Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) at airports is increasing drastically every year. In order to manage the increasing demand for wheelchair assistance, airlines and airports need to provide an accordingly well functioning service. The indoo.rs PRM solution helps optimize resource localization and allocation, task assignment and improve oversight of the whole process.

    Rainer Wolfberger, CEO


    New decision support paradigm for cargo & baggage dispatch 

    The Gantt chart used to be the central decision support tool in GS RealTime Staff & Equipment. A new decision support paradigm was developed in the context of cargo and baggage transportation based on extensive requirements engineering, user studies and UI design. The new paradigm allows the optimized allocation of tasks based on a clear-cut task prioritization, which can be defined by the customer based on dynamic rules (SLA, product, focus flights etc.). Task priorities and optimizer decisions are transparent for the user, which is vital for calibration of the decision support and for end user acceptance. Where the user has to take action, he or she will be presented with a preview of ranked alternatives to choose from.

    In summary, the new paradigm provides enhanced and transparent decision support featuring guidance for dispatchers concerning task prioritization.

    Michael Reinkober, Product Manager GS RealTime


    Workforce management in the digital age - and where we’ve come with GS WorkforcePlus

    GS WorkforcePlus has grown into the default staff rostering system of the GroundStar suite. We’re going to describe our viewpoint on how the world of workforce management is evolving, in particular from a digitalization perspective, and how these trends are addressed by WorkforcePlus. The ever-growing role of employee involvement - which is a key topic of the user conference’s workforce management track - becomes reflected in the release of the all-new GS WorkforcePlus Employee Portal which offers smooth mobile employee experience. We’re going to explain how Deductive Intelligence, the technology underlying GS WorkforcePlus, works and how it addresses the challenges of individual requirements. We will give an overview of further important milestones that we have achieved with GS WorkforcePlus in the last two years, including time management, vacation planning as well as platform and scalability enhancements.

    Jörg Herbers, SVP Workforce Management
    Benjamin Saure, Product Owner GS WorkforcePlus


    Operational Rostering and Realtime Preplanning rethought: towards a GroundStar integration 4.0

    Operational rostering is what we call the phase from roster publication up to the day of operations. This phase is governed by fluctuations both in staffing requirements (e.g. due to flight schedule changes) as well as in employee availability and absenteeism. At the same time, the ability to change rosters is typically highly restricted and will typically require the employees’ consent. But why are we still considering staff rostering systems as “modern typewriters” where operational changes are manually tracked only in rear areas? Why do preplanners in GS RealTime need to call employees one by one, and how can they make sure that their shift changes obey all legal, company and contractual regulations? We would like to share ideas on how operational rostering and preplanning should be rethought – and encourage your active participation and feedback.

    Jörg Herbers, SVP Workforce Management
    Benjamin Saure, Product Owner GS WorkforcePlus
    Michael Reinkober, Product Manager GS RealTime


    Machine Learning in GroundStar

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) in general and Machine Learning (ML) in particular are the most important technological trends of the two recent years. INFORM has established a ML competence center and enriches its intelligent decision support systems with ML. In this presentation, we would like to share some of the results of the competence center and our ideas and visions for using ML in GroundStar.

    Ekkehart Vetter, CTO
    Michael Fluck, Team Lead Product Management


    Can we plan more than one week? Yes, we can!

    GS Planning Version 2018 operates with scenario lengths of up to 6 weeks.
    Shorter creation times and faster workflows for e.g. monthly staffing levels and full detailed flight schedules allow the planner to create his calendar month routine plans even with alternatives in a much shorter time period. The planner can now work with alternatives best in combination with high end roster optimization like GS WorkforcePlus.
    In order to simplify the planning and the analysis of flights, workload and shift demand the build-in reporting offers a weekly layout for overview reports and is topped up with a heatmap-like coloring of the resulting figures.

    Wolfgang Vermöhlen, Product Manager GS Planning

  • KLM


    Presentation Description

    Mark Bovenkerk, Manager Digitizing Operations


    The transformation on Latam Airports Productivity

      The implementation of GS Planning was the perfect chance to review every operational and planning process, identifying improvement opportunities. In the beginning, every analyst spent his time assembling files, leaving no time to analyze the situations that added value. With the implementation, we started to review ways to improve the productivity of the equipment and the service to our customers. We saw an improvement of productivity about head count and equipment, at the same time increase the fulfillment of few services.

      Inaki Itturiaga, Senior Capacity Director

    • Port of Seattle

      SeaTac: Busing for the Future

      For the past five years, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has been the fastest growing airport in the US. With limited room for expansion, SeaTac has turned to hardstand busing operations to alleviate gate holds and keep up with increased flight demands. In conjunction with GS RealTime, SeaTac has leveraged the GroundStar Busing Solution to integrate hardstands into the overall airport gate planning strategy while maintaining a high level of customer service for the passengers.

      Jessica Sanford, Airline Scheduling Coordinator

    • Qantas

      GSE and GroundStar integration within the Qantas Group

      With over 10000 items of GSE within the Qantas group, the management of such an asset base is critical to the airlines operation.  Qantas started a proof of concept leveraging previous telemetry experience to test new opportunities facilitated by GS AirportMap and GS GroundFleet.  Basic location and equipment status has been enhanced with flight schedule and gate information in GS AirportMap.

      Shane Mason, Head of Ground Workforce Planning Services


      Flexible Rostering – Giving our employees choice

      Employees in the Qantas ground operations for many decades have been assigned to master rosters that are replanned twice per year. The approach whilst ‘predictable’ does not always fit all staff, and is increasingly perceived as inflexible for staff and the airline.  Following annual engagement survey feedback, Qantas kicked off a “flexible rostering” initiative to evaluate alternatives. Workshops, facilitation techniques and employee engagement sessions have been conducted to develop a new staff rostering methodology, using WorkforcePlus for optimized roster creation and preference collection.  We will describe how the approach has led to high acceptance rates on the pilot group, creating win-win situations for Qantas and their employees.

      Shane Mason, Head of Ground Workforce Planning Services

    • United Airlines

      Optimizing Gate/Stand Management

      Understand how United is able to improve their gate utilization and increase their schedule through the more effective use and management of their gates.

      Scott Smith, Senior Manager - Employee Tools

    Round Tables

    The round table discussions will facilitate the exchange of opinions and ideas amongst the GroundStar community and with INFORM. Together we will discuss relevant topics in the areas of ground, airport and airline operations and share how technology and upcoming trends benefit all. Each round table will consist of a small group of 10-15 people and cover a particular topic.



    • Employee Participation: Fiction or Reality

      Motivations for employee involvement in staff scheduling are manifold. Some want to improve staff engagement. Others are aiming at creating win-win situations between productivity-driven flexibilization and the consideration of employee needs. For many companies, challenges in recruiting have become a dominant concern. Younger generations are growing into the labor market, and their perspectives on shift work differs from previous generations. How can companies continue to be effective in recruiting then? Which level of working time autonomy can be given to employees when airport operations require a timely deployment of the workforce? Is it realistic that individual employee needs can be reconciled with service level and productivity requirements at a large scale?
      Discuss with us the challenges of your organization. How do you tackle the challenge? Which approaches have worked for you, and what would you wish for in an ideal world? How can technology contribute to the emergence of the shift work of the future?

      Carsten Soehrens, VP Workforce Management
      Katharina Schemoschek, Business Development Manager

    • Yes, you can – Change Management and GoLive

      Having selected INFORM for the implementation of a GroundStar system is the start at the customer for a change in their operation.
      Let’s talk about your experiences of your change management practices until GoLive and beyond.

      Lars Boennen, Team Lead Project Management
      Swapna Prayikulam, Team Lead Project Management

    • How can customers and INFORM collaborate to improve GroundStar further?

      The GroundStar Suite is constantly further developed based on customer feedback, market trends and technological developments. Especially when it comes to customer feedback, we would like to discuss whether we can collaborate even better with our user community here.

      Michael Fluck, Team Lead Product Management
      Jan-Willem Kappes, Business Development Manager


    Hotel & Directions


    Sheraton Berlin Grand Hotel Esplanade
    Lützowufer 15
    10785 Berlin, Germany
    T: +49 30 25478-0
    F: +49 30 25478-8222


    The Sheraton Berlin Grand Hotel Esplanade offers rooms to the participants of the conference with a guaranteed rate upon availability of the INFORM room contingent.

    Room rate per night incl. breakfast, free entrance to the fitness room and spa, 1 bottle of water and free WLAN.

    Single 159 EUR
    Double 179 EUR

    Breakfast: at 'Restaurant Elements', Mon-Fri, 6:30 am – 10:30 am, Sat, Sun, 7 am – 12 noon
    Bar: at 'The Unique Bar', Tue - Thu 7:00 pm - 1:00 am, Fri & Sat 7:00 pm - 3 am, Sun & Mon closed

    Directions to the Conference Hotel

    Arrival by bus/train

    • From Berlin Central Station
      Take S-Bahn train S5, S7, or S75 heading towards Spandau to Zoologischer Garten station . Change there to bus line 100 heading towards Alexanderplatz. Leave the bus at stop Lützowplatz. 3 mins walk from Lützowplatz to the hotel. Journey time approx. 25 mins.
    • From Tegel Airport TXL
      In front of Terminal A take bus line X9 heading towards Zoologischer Garten station. Change there to bus line 100 heading towards Alexanderplatz. Leave the bus at stop Lützowplatz. 3 mins walk from Lützowplatz to the hotel. Journey time approx. 30 mins.
    • From Schonefeld Airport SXF
      Take the Airport Express (lines RE9, RE7 or RB 14) to Zoologischer Garten station. Change there to bus line 100 heading towards Alexanderplatz. Leave the bus at stop Lützowplatz. 3 mins walk from Lützowplatz to the hotel. Journey time approx. 60 mins.

    Arrival by car
    Navigation system: Lützowufer 15, 10785 Berlin

    Parking: Indoor parking, open 24hrs
    Rates: € 3.50/hr, € 23/night

    Good to Know

    Good to Know

    INFORM contact during the conference:

    Mahsa Gruettner +49 175 7208 467
    Gabi Ugalde        +49 151 5265 7562

    The language of the conference is English.

    Dress Code
    Throughout the conference: Business Casual
    Exception: Casual for Dinner on Thursday.


    For more information about the city of Berlin,
    please visit here.

    Registration Fee


    Registration is free of charge for all customers.

    Conference documents, refreshments, and all lunch and dinner functions are covered by INFORM.


    Registration Fee is 500 € per Delegate.

    Conference documents, refreshments, and all lunch and dinner functions are included.

    GroundStar Booths

    GroundStar Booths

    GS RealTime Staff & Equipment
    Experience the latest developments of our well-known resource management solution:
    - Usability enhancements for dispatchers
    - latest improved version of our mobility apps
    - enhanced solutions for cargo & baggage transportation as well as catering production & transportation

    GS Planning Staff & Equipment
    Demonstration and Discussion of latest GS Planning Developments, like e.g. Monthly Planning (up to 6 weeks in one scenario), Smart View Arrangement, First Monte Carlo Steps and latest report enhancements.

    GS WorkforcePlus
    Two years is a long time – especially for workforce management. WorkforcePlus has become an established member of the GroundStar family, including new modules like Employee Portal and Time & Attendance. Both benefit from the system’s unique Deductive Intelligence (DI) Technology which opens doors to completely new levels of individuality and adaptability. Come by our booth to find out how DI Technology can solve your problem.

    GS HubControl / GS Connect
    GS HubControl and GS Connect are the essential parts of INFORM’s sophisticated Turnaround Management Solution. Visit our booth and discover the latest enhancements, especially the seamless integration between GS HubControl and GS GroundFleet now offering the automated tracking of ground services for an even more reliable turnaround management.

    GS GroundFleet
    Aviation related fleet operations are under significant cost pressure and forced to improve their efficiency by optimized resource allocation and reduced fleet sizes. At the same time they have to improve their service levels, guarantee a safe working environment for their staff and protect their valuable assets. INFORM's answer to meet these conflicting requirements is GS GroundFleet. GS GroundFleet integrates seamlessly with the GroundStar suite and covers classical as well as resource-based fleet management.

    GS Stands
    One of the biggest challenges at an airport is to maximize the use of existing infrastructure while adhering to safety restrictions as well as airline and passenger preferences, especially in cases of disruption. In the ever increasing volume of air traffic, creating a feasible, robust plan is crucial throughout the planning process and during day of operations.
    GS Stands supports the full seasonal and tactical planning, monitoring and post-analysis process while offering state-of-the-art optimization of aircraft parking positions, towing and terminal resources.

    GS Business Intelligence System
    Join us for a tour of the brand new BIS Reporting 2018, learn how BIS Web Applications can support your specific use cases, and take the opportunity of a hands-on with “Data Exploration” – the latest addition to our analytics offer. The BIS team is looking forward to answering your questions.

    Partner Booths

    Partner Booths

    Meet our aviation consultants at our booth and find out how COST AVIATION can help you to improve your operation!
    No matter whether you are looking for making the most out of your GroundStar tools, improving your processes or enhancing your efficiency - we will find the right solution with you.
    Customers around the globe trust our experience and know-how for successful projects.
    Our unique perspective as airport operator and GroundStar user together with long-term expertise as aviation consultants are your benefits: 'From Aviation for Aviation'.
    And how can we support you?

    Damarel will be showcasing their complete software solution for Ground Handlers - the next generation FiNDnet. A modular aviation service management solution that covers all aspects of Ground Handling and Ground Operations including real-time service capture, automated billing, operational database, turnaround management, FIDS and revenue forecasting. Packed with more features and benefits than ever before, all delivered straight to your browser. Any device, anywhere, any time. FiNDnet delivers exceptional turn management, service recording and billing to ground handlers worldwide.

    Indoo.rs - Indoor Tracking & Positioning Solutions
    See how indoo.rs helps improve management of movable assets at airports to increase operational efficiencies. In particular indoo.rs shows how handling of Passengers with Reduced Mobility can be better managed at airports.