AI optimized material handling

Optimize your material handling in real time with Artificial Intelligence and smartphones: input jobs, compute efficient journeys, assign vehicles and report job completion with SwiftMove material handling software.

A cloud-based AI algorithm empowers real-time routing & scheduling with multiple pick-up / delivery locations, job priorities, due times, load types, vehicle capacities and more.

Optimization typically cuts transportation costs by 12% - 20%

Organize transport jobs

Save on mileage (go green)

Save time & operational costs

Minimize fleet size

Assure on-time delivery

Monitor fleet performance online

“The system takes care of all jobs and keeps track of every load movement.
Cost savings of 15% equate to $25,000 each year"

Thomas Stipp, Head of Logistics, Schunk Carbon Technology (manufacturer of carbon and ceramic solutions)

Simple configuration

Setup of the material handling software is simple and intuitive. Using SwiftMove’s web app, admins easily layout transport routes, setup transport assets, and add users. Standard variables are pre-configured based on industry averages, but can easily be modified to suit your organization’s needs.

Easy job management

Using any web browser or smartphone, adding a job is easy. Set the pick-up location, destination, and deadline and you’re on your way. To simplify load identification for the driver, you can optionally add a photo of the load and its surroundings.

Quick Job Completion

Using SwiftMove’s advanced AI algorithms, the app pools transport jobs and calculates smart pickup/delivery sequences. Drivers receive and act on job orders in real-time via the dedicated smartphone app for quick completion. In turn, job owners can enable completion notifications, giving them peace of mind when the jobs have been done.


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