Smart management of spare parts Improve your item availability up to 100 percent for economic success within the after-sales service.

Intelligent forecasting models improve the availability within the spare parts distribution

The management of spare parts is the supreme discipline of logistics. A quick and reliable spare parts supply is the key factor for a successful after-sales service. However, spare parts are often requested sporadically. Therefore, take advantage of the intelligent forecasting models ADD*ONE is using to generate reliable forecasts for this demand and minimize your tied capital, even if the diversity of parts increases.

The optimization software ADD*ONE combines powerful forecasts based on intelligent AI algorithms and operations research with an effective planning trough order proposals at optimal cost. Dashboards create full transparency and are a solid decision basis.

Benefit from the vast experience of our experts and improve availability, while reducing the stocks to a minimum at the same time.


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Solution ADD*ONE Features

With ADD*ONE, mathematical algorithms are used to support everyday operations and strategic business decisions in spare parts planning and logistics. Product features include:

  • Self-adapting forecasts

    Detailed determination of the future demand situation with no manual maintenance required, including the identification of trends, outliers, seasonality and sporadic demand

  • Profile Parameters

    Firm planning of inhomogeneous article assortment through the upkeep of important planning-relevant controlling parameters at the article or article-group level

  • Dynamic Safety Stock

    Dynamic adjustment of safety stock levels based on high quality demand forecastsy to ensure the right stock is in the right place at the right time

  • Life-cycle management strategy

    Ensure the required spare parts are available throughout the entire lifecycle of a product while taking availability, costs, quality and environment into consideration.

  • Consideration of repair loops

    Calculation and consideration of exchange parts, which are reincorporated into the available stock after being repaired.

  • Calculation of cost-effective order proposals

    Dependable decision proposal for each article using an intuitive workflow that identifies the need for immediate action or controlling

  • Management by Exception

    The software eliminates routine tasks, automatically showing planners which actions need to be taken to avoid i.e. stock-out situations. Intuitive graphical displays show planners the most urgent tasks to complete, enabling them to manage by exception.

  • Automation

    Simple control and maintenance of a large assortment of items through automated processes, i.e. automatic order approval of items with high forecast quality

  • Network planning

    Synchronous planning of demand across all levels of a network structure


ADD*ONE enables a high service level while minimizing stock levels through the use of decidedly accurate forecasts - even with sporadic consumption behavior. With ADD*ONE you can expect to:

  • Maximize availability

    Obtain a delivery capacity of close to 100% through high-quality planning.

  • Minimize effort

    Reduce your planning effort by 25 to 50% through the reliable automation of purchasing decisions.

  • Reduce inventory

    Reduce your inventory by up to 40% while at the same time increasing availability.

  • Reduce procurement costs

    Cut procurement and inbound logistics costs with optimized orders and batch sizes

  • Create transparency

    Gain an overview and control over your entire inventory assortment

  • Recoup investment

    Experience a return-on-investment within months of your purchases.

Automotive After-market

After-market Wholesale in the Auto Industry

The spare parts management business has attractive margins for many manufacturers. Car manufacturers, independent wholesalers and suppliers, auto repair shops and distributors are all competing for a share of the 165 billion Euro spare parts market in Europe. The high level of competition forces suppliers to continually monitor market trends and expand their product offering based on consumer demand. This poses great inventory challenges in the spare parts planning process. Many large automotive after-market wholesalers have turned to ADD*ONE in order to ensure the availability of various parts, reduce delivery times and create a stable planning process.

Forecasting technique

Optimzed forecast and demand planning

Effective spare parts planning can be achieved through the use of precise demand forecasts. If a company is working with inaccurate forecast data, obtaining optimized inventory levels will remain elusive.

add*ONE presents users with a powerful demand forecasting tool. Scientifically proven statistical models calculate reliable demand predictions using industry-specific forecast algorithms. These algorithms are especially helpful in the wholesale of spare parts where sporadic demand poses an extra challenge.


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