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Workforce Management takes place between the conflicting interests of flexible working time, employee needs and service level. With optimized staff scheduling, working time distribution is cost-efficient and meets the requirements, despite fluctuations in workload demand and short-term changes. Personnel logistics tasks are complex and demanding. To master them requires powerful software to support the resource planning - an important basis for motivated employees and the success of the company.


The resource planning is a central part of the company. It determines the work time productivity and the level of service. The distribution of working time should be efficient and meet the requirements - in spite of the strong fluctuations in demand and uncertain planning assumptions. There are numerous legal, operational and individual requirements that are to be observed, in addition to various social and cultural aspects.

Workforce management always occurs between the conflicting interests of flexible working time, employee needs and service quality. An optimized staff scheduling finds the best possible balance for individual operational objectives and conditions. Thus, employee motivation, working time productivity and customer satisfaction increase.

Provided that the inevitably resulting planning complexity remains manageable. This is only possible with powerful software that meets the complex, individual operating requirements. WorkforcePlus is the only software world-wide that uses a technology that enables a quick and easy implementation of changing requirements anytime. With WorkforcePlus you are on the safe side, no matter what the future brings!


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WorkforcePlus Always one step ahead, with deductive intelligence technology!

  • Unique Technology

    WorkforcePlus is the first software worldwide to use a deduction system. Thus, individual operational requirements can be mapped precisely. New requirements can be easily and quickly implemented at any time. INFORM were the first to successfully bring the performance of a deduction system into a software application.

  • Performance Optimization

    WorkforcePlus uses the most powerful optimization methods. These explore the complete solution space and can guarantee the actual solution optimum.

  • Individual Parameterization

    All target criteria and restrictions can be parameterized. Because of the unique technology, individual operating requirements can be quickly and easily satisfied via configuration and parameterization, functionality that would otherwise require programming.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    The modern and innovative user interface supports the user in an efficient and task-oriented way during all steps of planning and offers an excellent usability.

  • Open Interfaces

    Open interfaces ensure easy integration into the existing system landscape.

  • Meaningful Reporting

    Target-oriented indicators provide management with precise analyses at any time.


WorkforcePlus - Complexity Simply Mastered!

  • Accurately represent the real world

    Automatically create schedules for individual conditions and objectives

  • Master complexity

    Master planning processes - despite complex, individual and dynamic requirements

  • Flexible working time deployment

    Fulfill demand fluctuations and employee needs

  • Increase productivity

    Reduce idle time and maximize usable operational time

  • Increase employee motivation

    Take fairness and individual preferences flexibly into account

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Optimally distribute working time to match customer demand and increase service levels

  • Comply with laws and agreements

    Compliance with complex requirements, e.g. from labor laws or company agreements

  • Reduce the health burden

    Take shift ergonomics into account and reduce sickness rate

  • Increase the efficiency of the planning process

    Task-oriented planning with user-oriented software

  • Continuous quality assurance

    Detect and resolve bottlenecks and deviations at an early stage

  • Generate alternative schedules

    Quickly and easily create alternatives

  • Standard system incrementally expandable

    Fast and easy adaptation to new planning processes and conditions via configuration

  • Minimize project costs and risks

    All requirements can be represented - regardless of what the future brings

  • Cloud or on-premise

    Both is possible.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Compliance with GDPR requirements

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