Reporting in Workforce Management KPI-Based Staff Scheduling

"You can't manage what you can't measure." (Robert S. Kaplan)

With Business Intelligence, all those responsible for, involved in and affected by the planning are supplied with the metrics and KPIs they need, at the right time.


Workforce management takes place between numerous objectives and conflicting interests. The individual weighting of the objectives and their attainability are influenced by numerous factors. The implementation is also determined by whether the planning assumptions are applicable.

For successful planning and control of workforce management, intelligent and meaningful reporting is essential. All those responsible for, involved in and affected by the planning must receive the information they need for their area. Indicators must immediately measure factors and deviations from assumptions and targets and take appropriate countermeasures at an early stage.

The reporting must be tailored to the respective context and roles addressed. For example, a planner needs different indicators when creating a schedule than when ensuring the quality of a published schedule. In contrast, the management needs other, aggregated KPIs.


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WorkforcePlus combines KPIs and business intelligence into a meaningful reporting system. Thanks to its unique technology, it can be flexibly adjusted to suit your requirements. Thus, all parties dynamically receive the information relevant to them.

WorkforcePlus delivers intelligent data for further analysis of the results in other applications. The reporting results can be processed further without restriction. You have access to the data, which enables you to create individual reports. Your data belongs to you!

The dynamic reporting supports interactive dashboard creation.

All those responsible for, involved in and affected by the planning receive the information that they need for their area, adapted to the corresponding context.


  • Context and role-related data processing

  • Flexible adaptability

  • Creation of individual reports

  • Unrestricted further processing

  • The data belongs to the customer


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