Integration of Workforce Management Seamless Integration in System Landscape and Planning Processes

Workforce management software should optimally support the company-specific planning process and the respective role concept, without restrictions. It must seamlessly integrate into the existing system landscape.


Workforce management has many aspects and interacts with many roles in the company. The overall objective is to distribute the working time capacity in the pre-planning phase so that the daily operation is optimally staffed, in order to deliver services of the required level.

Company, employee and customer interests are involved and legal, operational and individual requirements have to be taken into account. The planning process is divided into various sub-processes and concerns different time frames, roles and responsibilities.

There is not the one single best planning process. Every company needs to find the strategy that suits them best. It manifests itself in the structuring of sub-processes, tasks and responsibilities.

Workforce management software should optimally support the company-specific process structure and the respective role concept, without restrictions. It should seamlessly integrate into the existing system landscape

Workforce management plays a central role in the company and has interfaces to many other areas and systems. All roles, whether responsible for planning sub-areas, involved in them or affected by them, must have the information they need in the necessary format. An error-free, smooth data exchange between all participating systems is essential.


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WorkforcePlus supports all planning phases, independent of the respective process structure and the role concept. It handles all planning strategies, e.g.:

  • Fixed shift patterns, e.g. for a season
  • Monthly free rostering
  • Strategies for working time flexibility
  • Employee participation
  • Employment of external service providers
  • Combined, multi-stage procedures
  • ...

Because of its unique technology, the system can be easily and quickly adapted if your planning processes change in the future. Thus, you can optimize your processes - instead of adapting them to software limitations.

With WorkforcePlus, the complexity of the planning processes - and the software implementation - remains manageable.

WorkforcePlus can be seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape, thanks to its open and flexibly customizable interfaces, for example with the following areas:

  • Time and attendance
  • Human resources and payroll
  • Daily dispatch
  • Workload forecast

With WorkforcePlus you are on the safe side, no matter what the future brings.


  • Seamless Integration

    Seamless integration into the existing system landscape

  • Flexibly adaptable interfaces

    Unrestricted use and further processing of existing systems' output

  • Security

    Seamless replacement of legacy systems

  • Independence

    All planning processes and strategies are supported - now and in the future

  • Individual adaptability

    Optimize processes - instead of adapting them to suit software

  • Investment protection

    No matter what the future brings, WorkforcePlus is with you

  • Risk minimization

    The complexity of processes, interfaces and software implementation is manageable

  • Technical Standards

    Multi-user capability, security concept, trouble-free software deployment and maintenance


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