Tactical Staff Scheduling Optimized Schedule Creation

The aim of tactical scheduling is the creation of a schedule that complies with all legal requirements, trade union, company and individual agreements, while optimally fulfilling company, employee and customer interests. Thanks to unique technology and the best optimization methods, WorkforcePlus finds the best roster for you.


The aim of workforce management is to optimally staff operations. The planning process is divided into strategic (long-term), tactical (medium-term) and operational (short-term) phases.

The task of the tactical phase is the preparation and publication of schedules for the next planning period, in accordance with:

  • Predicted working time demand
  • Applicable personnel capacity
  • Employee working time preferences (if applicable)

The working time capacity is to be distributed between employees and shifts. There are numerous legal requirements, trade union, company and individual agreements that have to be taken into account. Employer care responsibilities and health protection have to be considered.

Research recommendations for shift ergonomics have to be observed: the schedule should be designed in such a way as to soften the impact of fluctuating working times on health and social life as much as possible.

There are also numerous objectives to meet, concerning different business, employee and customer interests.

Typical target criteria are:

  • Compliance with the working time demand (quantitatively and qualitatively)
  • Working time productivity
  • Personnel costs and profit
  • Service level and customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Robustness with respect to forecast errors
  • Room for flexibility
  • Reliability and stability

The planner's task - in compliance with the requirements - is to find the best possible balance between the objectives. There are changing requirements to handle, e.g. low working time required in periods of low demand, strong spikes in the main season, short-term high sickness levels, unbalanced time accounts, budget cuts, bottlenecks in external staff etc.

The complexity of schedule creation quickly exceeds the problem solving skills of people. With a repertoire of tried and tested strategies, a good and experienced planner manages to try out only a few alternatives - if he has the time. He cannot determine if a schedule is optimal.


Optimizing a schedule in accordance with all staff scheduling requirements, in relation to numerous heterogeneous objectives, can only succeed with powerful, specialized staff scheduling software. While a planner hardly has enough time to create more than one schedule, good software finds the optimal roster among millions of alternatives. Which is the best in each case depends on individual factors, which must be configurable.

With WorkforcePlus, all individual target criteria and planning conditions can be precisely represented and parameterized. Alternatives for different target weighting can be easily and quickly created, compared and evaluated, at any time. You will always find your best schedule.

WorkforcePlus simultaneously takes into account all planning parameters and uses optimization strategies, which explore the entire solution space. They are designed for large, highly complex combinatorial search spaces and have the highest performance: all possible solutions are tested for optimality. In contrast to heuristics, they can determine a solution’s genuine optimum.

WorkforcePlus supports all methods of tactical scheduling:

  • Long-term shift pattern
  • Planning with flexible shift time slots
  • Use of flex / relief shifts, annual working time accounts etc.
  • Flexible monthly planning
  • Planning with employee participation
  • Planning with external personnel capacity
  • Multi-stage, combined planning approaches
  • ...

Thus, you can optimize the planning process in accordance with your needs - without restrictions due to software.



    Formulate individual conditions and objectives


    Quickly and easily create alternatives for different target weighting


    Select the best individual plan from millions of plans


    Use the optimal methods, without software restrictions


    More efficient use of working time with better results


    Safely and quickly deal with new planning scenarios


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