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Workforce Management in Retail

WorkforcePlus supports you in the optimization of your retail workforce planning. Historical data from point-of-sale systems, for example, is used to create your demand forecasts. On this basis, WorkforcePlus creates optimized duty rosters for you using artificial intelligence and digital decision making. In this way, you avoid idle time as well as deficits, that can lead to lost sales. WorkforcePlus also allows you to cleverly deploy part-time employees so that they can balance their jobs with family and other personal commitments.

Digital Staff Deployment in the Stores

With digital, mobile workforce planning, you save time and can react faster. Store managers and other planers need to quickly create rosters and manage absences. WorkforcePlus creates schedules precisely according to your demand timelines and involves your employees in the scheduling process. Employees can view their schedules and other data, such as targets, on mobile or stationary devices, e.g. on cash register systems.

Mobile Collaboration

WorkforcePlus enables your employees to influence their roster: By entering private constraints or wishes on a mobile device. By swapping with colleagues. By submitting vacation requests digitally. By easily recording their working hours on their cell phones. Using the chat function in WorkforcePlus, employees can quickly coordinate with store managers, supervisors, and each other.

Planning with Artificial Intelligence

WorkforcePlus uses artificial intelligence and digital decision making so that you can create automated rosters. Also, the system supports you if you need to compensate for understaffing, e.g. through a staff exchange across branches. WorkforcePlus helps you to deploy your staff in such a way that availabilities are always aligned with customer frequency and opening hours. Data from point-of-sale systems can be used to make daily trends and seasonality visible. Training levels and qualifications are considered in WorkforcePlus, as are working time accounts.

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Integration of all Processes

WorkforcePlus integrates all processes from vacation planning and scheduling to mobile time recording and time management. Reporting and analytics tools prepare data on working time usage for all parties. Common HR, accounting, and time-recording systems can be integrated, as well as point-of-sale and sales forecast systems.


Demand-driven shift planning in retail

INFORM and Via Varejo optimize workforce management throughout Brazil for over 33,000 employees in more than 1,000 branches.



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