Advanced Optimisation - Optimiert entscheiden!
Integriertes Airport Ressourcen-Management-System


Optimized Aviation Processes

GroundStar is the most comprehensive software solution for optimization currently on the market. It covers all requirements of airports, airlines, alliances and ground handlers with flexible systems. The processes such as contract creation, definition of SLAs, capture of services performed, quality management and settlement of accounts are also covered by the solution. Today, GroundStar is in successful use in multiple areas at more than 160 airports of every size worldwide.

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Premium Solutions for the Aviation Industry

GS Planning - simulating the future´s needs

  • Budget and capacity planning
  • Strategic analysis via scenario simulations
  • Equipment requirement planning
  • Staff requirement planning for roster creation
    (Integrated with GS Rostering)
  • Continuous verification/controlling of demand coverage during roster management phase
  • Flight/demand/shiftcoverage, KPIs, reporting
  • Problem analysis and controlling:
    Plan actual comparison (via BIS), target-performance comparison

GS Rostering - Personnel Scheduling

  • Fast and easy creation of rosters and daily maintenance
  • Time Management for Payroll calculation including T&A
  • Reduction of scheduling processes / scheduling time
  • automatic calculation of surcharges
  • possibility of retroactive accounting
  • integration into planning processes
  • vacation request, shift swapping etc. via web-interface
  • online overview: working hours, schedule, requests

GS RealTime - Full transparency

  • Automatic creation of tasks based on current situation
  • Automatic assignment and re-assignment of tasks to resources
  • Collection and display of all relevant data in a single system
  • Integration of contextualized intranet & internet pages, webcams, airport information
  • Electronic two-way communication between allocators and staff manages
Hub Management

GS HubControl - a sophisticated process-monitoring tool

  • Overall control of handling and airport processes per fight
  • Control of transfer operations (passengers, baggage, crews)
  • Early detection of potential bottlenecks or irregularities
  • Re-estimation of projected departure times
  • Minimization of delays
  • Processing of IATA messages
  • Web-based solution
  • Optionally including A-CDM solution
  • Cost model to evaluate economical impact of actions and events
  • Scenario capability for simulation purposes
Transfer Mangement

GS Connect analyzes real-time flight and transfer information

  • Graphical and color-coded display of flight connection and area status
  • Status regarding
    • number of connecting passengers / connections bags
    • number of passengers / pieces of luggage with the risk of not making the connection
  • Display of flight reservation status
  • Detailed information (on an individual level) of passengers with the risk of misconnecting
GSE Management

GS GroundFleet localizes and tracks Ground Support Equipment

  • GPS-based tracking of GSE and handheld devices
  • AirportMap displaying GSE and aircraft-on-stand
  • GSE operational and engine status representation
  • Task and flight status information transferred from GS RealTime
  • On-line reports on GSE utilization, engine run-times, fuel levels
  • Geofencing and access control


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