Airport resource management 

Unlock the Power of Efficient Airport Resource Management

INFORM's GroundStar takes your Airport Resource Management to the next level. Our software solution enables you to handle more flights and passengers by efficiently planning and managing the existing airport infrastructure. 

By taking into account your specific business rules, GroundStar optimizes the allocation of critical resources such as stands and gates and other fixed airport resources leading to smoother operations, reduced delays and improved punctuality. 

Real-time data and insights are provided, empowering airport resource managers to make informed decisions swiftly and enhancing agility in response to changing circumstances.

Ready to unleash the power of advanced software for optimized fixed airport resources?


  • Most efficient use of your airport infrastructure thanks to built-in powerful optimization algorithms.
  • Advanced planning and what-if scenario capability.
  • Reduction of user´s workload and management by exception.
  • Increased passenger and airline satisfaction through efficient, robust resource allocation.
  • Lower resource energy consumption, costs and emissions.


Groundstar regionmaster

the network-wide solution for airline regional managers

What if you could gain greater operational insight into your stations, network-wide, all in just one view, enabling you to quickly respond in the event of disruptions?

As an airline regional manager, you are faced with the challenge of monitoring operations at numerous airports. Prompt decisions must be made to avoid costly delays.

Introducing GroundStar (GS) RegionMaster, your ultimate solution for higher transparency and efficient conflict resolution at small to medium-sized operations.

This cutting-edge tool offers:

  • Real-time monitoring and management of multiple stations at a glance.
  • Proactive notifications to detect and resolve irregularities or disruptions before they occur.
  • Greater cost savings and improved on-time performance.
  • Decision support for stand assignments, ultimately saving time and resources.
Airport Gates and Stands

Boost your operations and advance your Airport Resource Management

Maximize the utilization of your fixed airport resources with advanced Airport Resource Management software. Plan, allocate and analyze how you use your airport infrastructure for more efficient operations.

Efficient Resource Planning at Your Airport

INFORM's software optimizes airport capacity planning for short, medium, and long-term success in line with aviation industry standards. Moreover, the system supports planning for disruptions and contingencies by providing data-driven insights. Efficiently manage your airport infrastructure and boost revenue by accommodating more passengers and flights.

Airport Stands

Optimized Allocation of Airport Resources Despite Complexity

Get advanced decision-making support to address complex airport infrastructure, constraints, and preferences. GroundStar optimizes the allocation of critical airport resources such as stands and gates on the operating day based on current flight information. Minimize bottlenecks (e.g., due to occupied stands) and reduce operational costs.

Baggage Belt Airport

Valuable Analytics to Improve Performance

Our Airport Resource Management software solution generates valuable data that can be analyzed to uncover insights, optimize operations. and drive informed decisions about resource allocation and infrastructure planning. Machine Learning algorithms enable users to learn from the past and accurately predict resource utilization, resulting in direct financial savings.

Airport Analytics

One solution to achieve multiple goals

INFORM's software suite enables seamless monitoring and decision support across broad service areas.


GroundStar logo


One of the biggest challenges for airports is to maximize the use of their own infrastructure to meet increasing passenger traffic. GroundStar offers the entire range of strategic, seasonal and tactical planning for the control of gates, apron positions and terminal resources. 

Sandra Gaviria

Sandra Gaviria

Marketing Manager

Aviation has become one of her great passions since she first got on an airplane at the age of 5. Years later, namely in 2020, that passion led her to a career at INFORM, where she started as Marketing Manager in the Aviation Division. Today, she is responsible for digital projects, particularly those relating to social media.



additional services

Planning as a Service

planning as a service

With INFORM´s Planning as a Service, you can create optimal resource plans in an affordable, simplified way:

  • Minimize staff shortages.
  • No software implementation and installation.
  • No need to operate and maintain the software yourself.
  • Concentrate on analyzing the generated planning results.
GS Academy

groundstar academy

The GroundStar Academy is a platform that offers e-learning courses to support knowledge transfer on our entire GroundStar software suite:

  • Everything you need in one place - 24/7 access.
  • Reduce overhead costs.
  • Benefit from an Individual learning experience.
  • Realize improved knowledge management, transfer and retention.
  • High return on your training investments.


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