Entering the Yard

Yard Management System for Distribution Centers

Entering the yard

Manual vs.
automated operations

  • Full support for manual, semi-, or full-automated processes or any combination thereof.
  • Start with manual operations and implement automation as your operations evolve.
  • Take small steps towards automation with the support of an intelligent software system.

The second make-or-break point for productive yards is at the gate. At INFORM, the target is always to be as efficient as possible in all gate processes. With advanced data in the system prior to truck and trailer arrival, inbound transports can be processed quickly through both manual and automated gate operations.


With complete support for all levels of gate automation, Syncrotess is well-positioned to meet your current gate operational needs but has also been designed to adapt to your future growth. With a standard gate interface for automated gate solutions, the system is capable of supporting your operations no matter the type of hardware or your state of automation (e.g., RFID tags, APNR/OCR, etc.).


Assigning a dock or storing position is a central function of the YMS. By leveraging known data about inbound transports, including truck and trailer details, content type, destination, etc., the best decision about whether a container should be immediately unloaded or whether it can be stored is facilitated. These decisions can be facilitated by INFORM’s AI-powered optimizer or completed manually by dispatchers. Furthermore, hard and soft constraints for dock and storing positions can be configured within the YMS, allowing for complete customization to your facility’s unique characteristics.


When it comes to dock and storing positions, we know there are many hardware solutions to improve the operation of these assets. Syncrotess’ standard dock hardware interface allows for the integration of third-party solutions such as dock door signal lights. The actual status of these hardware components is then reflected in the YMS for accurate decision-making.

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At the core of our solution is the Syncrotess logistics software that is robust and future-ready. With over 25 years under its belt, this proven system is capable of tackling your logistics challenges. 

Federico dos Reis

Federico dos Reis

CEO, INFORM Software SpA