AI powered optimization for your Intermodal Terminal

INFORM's modular Intermodal Terminal Operating System (TOS) design allows your terminals to select the functionalities they require to build a custom TOS to suit their specific needs. As your terminal grows, add additional modules to it - the system is scalable.

At the core of INFORM's Intermodal TOS is a powerful AI & optimization engine that, when added to your TOS's configuration, streamlines your terminal's efficiency and productivity helping you to reduce costs, increase throughput, and manage increased terminal complexity.


  • Digitalization of terminal processes.
  • Increased visibility.
  • Increased efficiency of assets and increased throughput.
  • Scalability for growth, catalyst for automation.
  • Support in reaching your sustainability goals.

AI powered TOS at a glance

Syncrotess Intermodal TOS is the software for optimized load unit handling in intermodal terminals. Tailored to the needs of intermodal transport processes, the system enhances the container handling between rail, road and water. In order to do this, the system manages the miscellaneous transport processes within a terminal, the terminal-specific services and improves yard management.

INFORM harnesses the potential of AI to optimize the way terminals work. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and real-time data analytics, our AI-driven system offers unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability in handling complex terminal operations. Embrace a future where AI transforms your terminal operations into a seamlessly orchestrated symphony of efficiency and precision.


Our modular Intermodal TOS design allows terminals to select the features they require to build a custom Terminal Operating System to suite their specific needs. As your terminal grows, add additional modules to increase your TOS functionality to match your needs.


Efficiently managing the processes in a terminal by streamlining the allocation of resources, time slots, and services to ensure smooth operations, minimize delays, and enhance overall efficiency.

GATE Control

Monitoring and controlling the entry and exit of vehicles, cargo, passengers, and personnel within the terminal premises. This is crucial for maintaining security, optimizing operations, and ensuring smooth and efficient flow of activities.

Vehicle Control

Efficient movement, positioning, and utilization of vehicles to support various operational activities. Effective vehicle control is essential for optimizing terminal operations, enhancing safety, and minimizing delays.

Crane Control

 Enhance the efficiency and safety of terminal operations, improve cargo handling, and contribute to overall productivity in industries reliant on crane operations.

Yard Control

Get full transparency of all terminal processes, positions of load units, as well as internal and external resources in your terminal.

RaIL Control

Provides management of all rail related base data to allow manual train planning using drag and drop functionality.


Management of incoming and outgoing ship voyages including administration of ship schedules.

Maintenance & REPAIR

Administration of damages and load units which needs to be repaired. Client individual calculated estimates can be automatically sent vie email out of Syncrotess.


All operational data is transferred to the billing module to determine whether the handling/service of a load unit is to be invoiced.


Intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly experience that aligns with the goals of the system. It aims to make interactions seamless, engage users, and ultimately enhance user satisfaction and engagement.

Reporting & KPI

Syncrotess comes with a set of predefined business reports to give specific insights in your daily operations.


At the heart of INFORM's Intermodal TOS is a powerful AI & optimization engine that, when added to your TOS's configuration, streamlines your terminal's efficiency and productivity helping you to reduce costs, increase throughput, and manage increased terminal complexity.

Vehicle Optimizer

Vehicle Optimizer increases vehicle utilization across all equipment types while reducing travel and lowering maintenance costs.

Crane optimizer

Crane Optimizer increases crane productivity by reducing travel and equipment interference as well as leveraging double-cycling moves when suitable.

Yard optimizer

Yard Optimizer provides an optimized yard allocation for load units to reduce rehandles and improve resource and storage area utilization.

Train Load Optimizer

Train Load Optimizer plans and updates the stowing of outbound trains while improving slot utilization and business objectives and practices.

Rail Scheduler

Rail Scheduler increases rail crane and yard vehicle productivity while improving the utilization of transfer points at your rail area helping to facilitate automation.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning improves the accuracy of operational data used for real-time operational decision-making and long-term strategic management planning.


Syncrotess is the software solution for an optimised handling in inland terminals. Tailored to the needs of intermodal transport processes, the system ensures a smooth handling of units on rail, road or water. The software controls the various transport processes within a terminal, manages the terminal-specific services and takes care of the complete warehouse management.


Optimising Your Data - Dr. Eva Savelsberg, INFORM


Dr. Eva Savelesberg, Senior VP at INFORM's Terminal and Distribution Center Logistics Division, talks about how ports and terminals can leverage their data.


What is Machine Learning and what are the benefits?


Dr. Ulrich Dorndorf, Chief Technology Officer at INFORM takes you through a quick, easy-to-digest overview of Machine Learning (ML), including: the simple definition of ML and looks at how companies are implementing ML to derive real-world benefits. 



KTL: Pushing the Boundaries of Intermodal Terminal Operations

Operating a full-service intermodal terminal within the world’s largest integrated chemical complex is a tough challenge. Expanding it beyond its physical yard and designed capacity limits is an ambitious project, requiring not only a state-of-the-art TOS, but a TOS with optimization capabilities based on AI algorithms.


SAMSKIP: Setting the New Standard for Intermodal Terminal Operations

Upgrading to a new TOS is a major project and an ambitious undertaking for any terminal operator. After all requirements were specified, a roadmap was outlined that ensured a smooth transition from the old to the new system. In March 2018, the go-live was successfully completed. What Samskip got was not only a full-blown, state-of-the-art TOS, but a TOS with optimization modules powered by algorithms.

Selected References


Automating Rail operations

This paper explores automation solutions available for rail or intermodal terminal operations. 

Greener with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seemingly popping up everywhere we look these days. As a niche AI system provider, INFORM has been delivering AI solutions for just over two decades.

Machine Learning in Terminal Operations

In 2018, INFORM’s machine learning (ML) assessment project aimed to achieve two results. Firstly, could INFORM’s broader ML algorithms, developed for use in other industries such as finance, be applied to our Optimization Modules used in terminals around the world? And secondly, if so, we wanted to apply them to real-world terminal data and identify areas where improvements could be made. 

Data Management is Fundamental

In 2012, MIT Slogan published an article explaining the “Big Data Revolution.” The authors emphasized the necessity of utilizing the tremendous amounts of data that are being generated through digitization and the internet of things (IoT). Fast-forward to today.

Upgrading Legacy Systems in Ports and Terminals


Due to issues such as demands stemming from increasingly advanced technologies, the “growing” impact of increased vessel sizes and attendant container loads, a lack of physical space to store containers, and a desire to simplify complex IT landscapes, many terminals are looking to advance beyond legacy systems and streamline their processes. 


Logistics Software

At the core of our solution is the Syncrotess logistics software that is robust and future-ready. With over 25 years of experience under its belt, this proven system is capable of tackling your logistics challenges. 

Matthew Wittemeier

Matthew Wittemeier

Director Marketing & Sales