Automotive Specialized technology to optimize logistics from parts supply to vehicle delivery

Automobile manufacturers, suppliers and logistics companies are facing rising complexity in global logistics processes. Specialized technology supports to increase efficiency and maintain quality.


INFORM offers a complete suite of logistics solutions to the automotive industry that can create visibility of the entire supply chain from inbound logistics and plant logistics through to the distribution of new cars in the dealer network. All events at the plant or in ports or inland terminals can be managed. Even the entire distribution network can easily be analyzed, planned and run using INFORM´s automotive logistics solutions.

The intelligent automotive logistics software ensures efficient and effective processes in planning and operational management by automating decisions and optimizing procedures. Endless numbers of constraints are considered and optimal decisions are made for loading, transport routes or network topologies.

Experienced dispatchers around the world work with the intelligent automotive logistics software of INFORM. Resources are utilized to maximum efficiency; costs are reduced and operational processes planned effectively.


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Dennis Feddern
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Business Areas

Solve complex situations with intelligent software

In the following areas of the automotive industry, the software allows optimization of logistics processes to gain transparency of information and to be able to react immediately to unforeseen events.


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