Inventory Sampling

Inventory Sampling Software for Stress-free Stocktaking

Simplify Your Inventory Without Loss of Quality – Efficient, Fast, Reliable

With inventory sampling and the right software, you’ll experience an effective and stress-free annual inventory.

Stocktaking is often perceived as an annoying evil and is associated with high personnel costs, large amounts of time, warehouse closures, and production stops.

Inventory sampling is the only method that drastically reduces the scope, i.e., the number of stock items to be counted.

Thus, you avoid the annual state of emergency – and without loss of quality.

Your Advantages

  • You experience a stress-free and reliable stocktaking without the usual effort – but just as resilient as a full inventory
  • You benefit from a faster stocktaking, as you have, on average, 95% less counting effort
  • You reduce your personnel expenses as well as personnel costs
  • You avoid warehouse closures and production stops and ensure the best possible customer service
  • You turn unproductive stocktaking days into productive workdays
  • You have more time for value-adding activities

Inventory Sampling – Briefly Explained

Stress-free Inventory Sampling with INVENT XPERT Software

The inventory sampling software INVENT XPERT from INFORM effectively supports you in the legally required stocktaking as part of the annual balance sheet preparation. No matter whether you record your inventory items manually on paper, with barcode scanners, or other mobile devices, your existing stocktaking processes remain unchanged.

However, using our inventory sampling software massively reduces the number of items to be counted - resulting in less stress and effort for you.

In addition, all relevant stocktaking data is recorded directly in your leading inventory system. Any differences found are corrected directly. Afterward, the software automatically checks the quality of your stock.

Success Stories

The sample inventory, which was made possible within 14 days, has led to the closure of the warehouse of only six hours. Twelve people counted 810 of over 80,000 stock items. Due to the short closing time, there were no significant shifts in sales.
Olaf Bremer, Senior Financial Controller EMEA LGC GmbH

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Our mission in the Inventory & Supply Chain division

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“We empower you.” is Our Mission

As a provider of holistic solutions, we draw on over 50 years of practical knowledge from numerous software projects. The partnership and intensive exchange with our customers have always been invaluable to us. “We empower you.” is, therefore, not just a slogan for us in the Inventory & Supply Chain business unit but our mission to inspire you in your daily work at various points. Thus, from the very beginning, we provide you with the right tools and strategies to reduce your inventory stress to a minimum and simultaneously increase your inventory’s reliability to a maximum. Thanks to our many years of experience, we succeed in developing solutions together with you that relieve you in your work and give you more freedom for strategic tasks.

Daniel Schulteis

Daniel Schulteis

Expert for Inventory Sampling

Daniel Schulteis works at INFORM in Account Management with a focus on the INVENT XPERT solution for inventory sampling. You can find out more about him on his LinkedIn profile.


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