Assembly Planning

Less Effort Thanks to Holistic Assembly Planning

Planning in assembly faces the major challenge that all capacities must be precisely coordinated well in advance – both, the right parts and the required area as well as the qualified staff.

Our solution for assembly planning is here to support. With our software, you will be able to coordinate and plan all processes and resources in your assembly intelligently and early-on in just one tool, making sure that everything is always in the right place at the right time.


  • Intelligent scheduling of all available and required resources
  • Reduced coordination effort
  • Cross-departmental transparency along the value chain
  • Monitoring of missing parts for in-house production and purchased parts
Two workers mount rotor blades


When relying on our holistic assembly planning solution, all project participants have access to all the information they need. As a central planning tool, the software also links up- and downstream areas on a single platform that can be used across departments. This way, you will achieve an enormous transparency along the entire value chain and will massively reduce the manual coordination effort.

Worker assembles pipes and tubes


  • Staff scheduling, taking into account qualifications
  • Planning off assembly spaces according to demand
  • Tracking of missing parts to ensure material supply
  • Visualization of fixed station and cyclic assembly
Jan Brittner

Jan Brittner

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