sustainabilitY in action

SUSTAINABILITY at INFORM LEADS TO IMPACT in-house, in the region, and worldwide

On the INFORM Campus in Aachen, sustainability initiatives are oriented towards contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations - from INFORM’s own beehive to regional initiatives for sustainable mobility.

Randi Sumiri
We deeply believe that healthy organizations depend on healthy people and a healthy planet. Therefore, we at INFORM engage in a broad variety of activities related to planetary and societal health and invest a lot in the health and well-being of our staff. 
Randi Sumiri, Head of Health & Well-Being Management


In 2015, the United Nations adopted an Agenda 2030. The agenda is a roadmap for the future and includes the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By achieving these goals, a humane life is to be made possible worldwide, while at the same time, the natural basis of life is to be permanently preserved. The goals include economic, ecological, and social aspects.

Discover how we respond to the SDGs with a broad variety of activities on our campus and in the Aachen region.


The transformation toward sustainable economics asks for 
many to participate ...

The INFORM SDG-network

Everybody needs to participate in the transformation towards sustainable economics sooner or later. And depending on your role in the organization you can and should contribute differently. This is why, already back in May 2020, INFORM has formed the SDG network.
The network is a group of more than 20 colleagues delegated from different business units and functions. Every second week, the network meets to discuss progress in a wide variety of sustainability activities, create ideas and exchange experiences. 

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Activities related to Climate adaptation

Producing our own electricity

Since 2018, we have been offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our business air travel by supporting reforestation measures.

Since 2020, we have used 100% green electricity in our INFORM buildings. In 2021, we reduced the electricity consumption of our data center by more than 30% using a hot/cold aisle separation through enclosure as well as outdoor cooling.

We promote the use of bicycle transport and e-mobility for our employees and are committed to designing climate-friendly mobility in Aachen.

We also support reforestation and renaturation measures through cooperation with the Climate Ticket of the Aachen-Cape Town Partnership.

Awarded to be a "biker-friendly company"

During the CEO-Mobility Event that INFORM hosted for the regional initiative "Clever Mobil" on September 20th, 2023, the company was acknowledged as a "biker-friendly employer". 

In addition to this, more than 100 INFORM colleagues participated in the initiative "Stadtradeln" in July.

Award: biker-friendly employer
digitalHUB & ecoHUBAachen

digitalHUB & ecoHUB

INFORM is a founding member of both the digitalHUB and the ecoHUB Aachen. Both organizations support the development of SME in the Aachen region, which INFORM is also committed to co-shape.

Citizen‘s Trust Aachen

Citizen‘s Trust Aachen

As a corporate sponsor, we support the general work of the community foundation, the numerous and very different projects, and ideas that are still waiting to become projects.


Cooperation with Universities

For many years, INFORM has cooperated with a broad variety of schools and universities, offering internships, and support for bachelor and master theses.