Post & Parcel

Post & Parcel

The post and parcel industry faces a range of challenges in the modern era, largely due to the rapid growth of e-commerce and changes in consumer expectations in addition to that the industry faces the challenge of sustainability and technology disruptions. To address these challenges, companies in the post and parcel industry are investing in technology, automation, sustainable practices, and partnerships to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experiences.


  • Last-Mile Delivery: Delivering packages to customers' doorsteps (the "last mile") is often the most expensive and logistically challenging part of the delivery process. Companies are seeking innovative solutions to optimize last-mile delivery.
  • Labor Shortages: Many postal and parcel companies face labor shortages, particularly in delivery and sorting operations. Recruiting and retaining qualified workers can be a challenge.
  • Infrastructure: Maintaining and upgrading sorting facilities, distribution centers, and transportation networks is essential for efficiency. Infrastructure development requires significant investment.


  • Added transparency and efficiency.
  • Reduction of yard operational costs by up to US$500,000/year.
  • 100% ROI possible within one year of operation.


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