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Integrated AML and Fraud Detection for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions face increasing cyber threats like phishing, ransomware, and account takeovers fueled by cybercriminals using Generative AI as technology advances. Navigating heavy regulation, they must stay compliant with evolving Anti Money Laundering (AML) and anti-fraud rules, a resource-intensive effort with severe penalties for non-compliance. Mitigating fraud and compliance risks demands advanced IT, skilled personnel, despite limited technology resources.

INFORM's enterprise risk and financial crime management solution empowers financial institutions to fortify their resilience against both today's challenges of risk and fraud and tomorrow's uncertainties. Simultaneously, it ensures compliance with AML regulations by implementing real-time Hybrid AI technologies, making it a forward-looking solution for financial institutions.

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  • The sophistication of cyberattacks stresses effectiveness of detection and prevention measures
  • Substantial resources and expertise needed to navigate complex and evolving AML regulations
  • Instant payments demand real-time monitoring for swift detection and addressing of suspicious activities
  • Balancing fraud prevention and AML with seamless customer experiences is intricate
  • Staying ahead of tech-savvy criminals requires ongoing tech investments

Take your fraud prevention management to new levels with INFORM's all-in-one Hybrid AI fraud management and AML compliance platform.

By leveraging modern AI technology, including knowledge-based expertise and data-driven ML, INFORM ensures superior fraud detection with full transparency.

Our self-learning solution offers a holistic view of fraud and risk across all channels, enabling quick adaptation to new threats and scalability. This keeps financial institutions ahead in the fight against financial crime while ensuring efficiency and reliability.

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  • Elevate your fraud detection capabilities with advanced analytics, patented technology, and intelligent profiling
  • Leverage our powerful real-time detection engine for swift decisioning on emerging threats
  • Confidently meet AML challenges with risk view, real-time adaptability, and efficient rule management
  • Future-proof your systems with adaptable, scalable Hybrid AI for effective fraud prevention against emerging threats
  • Gain key business insights through visual analytics and detailed reports, enhancing strategic decisions

Success Stories


More than 250 companies in finance, insurance, and telecommunications protect their customers with the holistic risk & fraud solution portfolio offered by INFORM, including:

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Halyna Hermanns

Halyna Hermanns

Business Development Manager | Risk & Fraud

Halyna Hermanns is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) at INFORM's Risk & Fraud Division. She has been involved in many AML Compliance projects in the payment and cards area, for example in transaction monitoring, customer due diligence and terrorist financing. Previously she was an AML Analyst at one of the largest international banks in Poland.