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The digital transformation has propelled the telecommunications industry into new dimensions: through the convergence of technology, customer demand for integrated services, and the potential for revenue diversification, Communication Service Providers (CSP) have been driven to enter the financial services realm. While such diversification brings several benefits with it, it equally exposes the operators to an increased risk of financial crime on the one hand, and puts higher demands on them regarding compliance regulations on the other.

Harnessing the power of real-time Hybrid AI technologies, INFORM enables telecommunications companies providing mobile financial services to handle and reduce the risks associated with financial crime efficiently. Furthermore, it helps navigate regulatory compliance requirements by leveraging all available data.

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  • Increasing demand on Communication Service Providers to offer financial services, including payments and loans
  • Simultaneous operation as CSP and a bank represents a challenging task
  • The risk and fraud landscape mostly unfamiliar to CPSs operating in financial services
  • Evolving regulatory dynamics force CPSs to strategically adapt their compliance measures
  • Higher degree of risk exposure

Based on decades of financial payment experience, INFORM offers CSPs proven reliability and end-to-end security.

Our unique detection technology is specifically developed to support faster payment environments with real-time decisions, thus offering competitive advantages to mobile money providers, their agents, and end customers.

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  • Benefit from decades of financial payment experience, ensuring reliability and security
  • Experience instant decisions in fast payment environments, offering a competitive edge
  • Ensure regulatory adherence with a holistic process for risk management
  • Implement a holistic due diligence process for secure payments and credit risk management
  • Reduce fraud losses with industry-proven detection technology


More than 250 companies in finance, insurance, and telecommunications protect their customers with the holistic risk & fraud solution portfolio offered by INFORM, including:

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