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Today's automotive manufacturers face a multitude of challenges that require an efficient logistics and IT infrastructure.

Our software, based on mathematical algorithms, operations research, and artificial intelligence, provides tailored solutions to these pressing problems.

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  • Complexity of Global Production
    With global supply chains and global production for multiple markets, the automotive industry faces increasingly complex logistics challenges involving multiple players. On-time delivery of customized vehicles requires precise supply chain planning and management.
  • Complex Supply Chain Management 
    Sourcing parts and components from different parts of the world requires precise planning and coordination.
  • Just-in-time production 
    To produce efficiently, automakers must minimize inventory and still ensure that all the parts they need are available on time.
  • Capacity bottlenecks
    Wherever you are in the world, there are shortages of space, transportation, and drivers that affect standard delivery processes. Identifying bottlenecks early and simulating alternative scenarios has never been more important.
  • Electric vehicles and autonomous driving
    The shift to electric vehicles and the development of autonomous vehicles require complex modeling and simulation.
  • Resource Efficiency
    The automotive industry is under pressure to produce more sustainably and conserve resources.

Our software

  • Optimizes your supply chains to minimize delays and reduce inventory costs.  
  • Optimizes deliveries for just-in-time production and helps avoid overstocking.  
  • Enables you to optimize complex processes and reduce costs.  
  • Provides targeted solutions to manage capacity constraints, anticipate bottlenecks, and simulate alternative scenarios.

Our solutions for you

Our customized solutions are designed to help automakers meet these challenges and gain competitive advantage. Let's shape the future of the automotive industry together!


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