Production Planning with FELIOS

FELIOS Automatically Plans Optimized Business Processes

A transparent and demand-driven production planning consistently increases your sales and efficiency to expand your market position.

With FELIOS, we have created a full, integrated solution that establishes single and small batch manufacturers worldwide as the benchmark for a high-performing and high-quality industry.

Focusing on the complex manufacturing structures of mechanical and plant engineering as well as other single and small-batch producers, we are constantly developing new concepts based on algorithm-supported software in the field of digital decision-making.

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  • Intelligent and holistic optimization of your planning processes
  • Realistic and reliable planning
  • Higher profit through cost reduction
  • Satisfied customers thanks to on-time deliveries and transparency
  • Satisfied employees through planning stability
  • Resilience against unpredictablity

The FELIOS suite

The FELIOS product family is structured modularly to ideally meet your company’s individual needs. The interaction between the various modules ensures a holistic, cross-departmental planning of your production.

The core elements of our FELIOS Suite are FELIOS | APS for intelligent production planning and scheduling and the project and assembly planning tool FELIOS | PM. They are complemented by shift and employee scheduling with FELIOS | SPE as well as the tools for production data acquisition FELIOS | BDE and FELIOS | MDE. Further additional functionalities and extensions ensure a well-rounded, individual solution according to your requirements.

As an add-on to your existing ERP system, the FELIOS Suite integrates seamlessly into your IT infrastructure. Standardized interfaces ensure trouble-free exchange with existing systems.


FELIOS | APS - Production planning and scheduling

A good planning is the be-all and end-all in production to be able to deliver on time and remain competitive in the long term. Let our system work for you enabling you to concentrate on really important tasks instead of chasing deadlines.

FELIOS | PM - Project and assembly planning

With a holistic project and assembly planning, you always have an overview of all important processes and information - and at the same time ensure transparency across departments. All capacities, deadlines, materials, and working areas are considered simultaneously.

FELIOS | SPE - Shift and personnel planning

Integrated and individual shift schedules for your employees and their qualifications are becoming increasingly important. Plan intelligently, flexibly, and in the long term with our solution.

FELIOS | PDA & FELIOS | MDA - Production and machine data acquisition

Use your machine data for production monitoring and optimize your processes by including all common operating data in your planning.


Industry expertise and know-how

For more than 30 years, we have been dealing with the challenges of contract manufacturers in the market. All of our FELIOS solutions are based on the knowledge and experience we have gained.

Individual solutions according to your needs

Your satisfaction is what drives us. That is why our experts are there to help you and make sure that you get the solution you need to achieve your goals.

Over 300 well-known and satisfied customers

We value long-term and good customer relations at eye level as well as a relationship based on partnership. Our customers include well-known companies from the mechanical and plant engineering sector as well as other single and small batch manufacturers, some of whom we have been working with for over 20 years.


Jan Brittner

Jan Brittner

Business Development Production




Many work processes in single and small-batch production can be optimized with FELIOS components. With our solutions, we offer a holistic concept for your production planning and optimization.

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