Combat fraud and financial crime effectively with our intelligent real-time decision engine.

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The constantly evolving technology landscape, globalized financial systems, data accessibility, and the delicate balance between customer expectations and security create a highly dynamic environment for financial institutions, telecom operators, and insurance carriers. The complexities introduced by AI and the ongoing innovation of fraudsters demand constant vigilance and adaptable strategies to combat fraud and financial crime effectively.

RiskShield's real-time decision engine empowers financial institutions, insurers, and telecom providers to effectively combat fraud and financial crime by seamlessly merging expert rules with data-driven Machine Learning, creating a potent Hybrid AI solution.

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Visualization of the Info Paper "Risk Assessment and Fraud Prevention"

RiskShield for Card Fraud Prevention, RBA & Merchant Protection

Discover RiskShield's holistic approach to reducing fraud losses and ensuring seamless financial operations, from real-time risk assessments to compliance protection.

Visualization of the Info Paper "SEPA Instant Payments require Real-Time Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution"

SEPA Instant Payments require Real-Time Fraud Detection & Prevention Solution

Discover how RiskShield offers holistic real-time fraud prevention for SEPA instant payments. Download our Info Paper for revealing insights and solutions.

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RiskShield for Fraud Prevention in Online & Mobile Banking

RiskShield leads the charge in safeguarding banking sessions and provides proactive protection against emerging threats.

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How to trust E-Commerce Card Payments

Securing e-commerce card transactions with RiskShield. Dive into the intricate world of trust, risk minimization, and cardholder convenience.

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