Automotive supplier

Small parts - big impact

There are tens of thousands of components in a car, and even the smallest is critical to the finished vehicle.

The automotive supply industry is changing rapidly. Driven by technological advances, changing consumer preferences, a growing awareness of sustainability, and new regulatory requirements.

Sitting at the nexus of two supply chains - their own and the OEMs' - automotive suppliers are faced with complex flows of goods. This creates immense logistical challenges for the efficient organization of internal and external logistics processes. Without intelligent optimization solutions, these tasks are becoming increasingly difficult to manage.


  • Managing complex supply chains and minimizing risk of disruption  
  • Growing environmental awareness and increasing sustainability requirements  
  • Meeting stringent quality requirements and delivery deadlines  
  • Expanding connected vehicles  
  • Driving electrification and alternative powertrains  
  • Changing consumer preferences  
  • New mobility concepts

Highlights of our solutions

  • Optimized decisions  
  • Reduced manual controls  
  • Resource and cost savings through increased productivity and efficiency 
  • Optimized processes in manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain

Our solutions for automotive suppliers



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