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Our passion: solving complex problems!

We work with the world's leading industries

We are one of the leading providers of artificial intelligence and mathematical optimization systems. Since 1969, we have been helping successful companies around the world to assert themselves in the market. We do this at a total of seven locations on four continents.

Our strength lies in the use of artificial intelligence, our process knowledge and the collaboration in a diverse team from different cultures and areas of expertise.

artificial intelligence

INFORM is a global pioneer in the field of AI-powered optimization software. We integrate various methods of AI to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to their challenges.

Career at INFORM

We are an easy-going and highly motivated partner for our customers, with recognized expertise. To become the most relevant contact for our customers, we need the best professionals.

We encourage you to take responsibility - for yourself, your team, your projects and for your customers.


We work for a better future

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Whether printed or digital: Dive even deeper into the world of optimization, software developments or stories from users around the world with our customer magazin

Today, we support over 1,000 active customers, ranging from classic medium-sized businesses to large corporations.

With multiple locations around the globe, we bring our intelligent software directly to you.