Simultaneous Production Planning for Series Production

Intelligent Solution for Simultaneous Production Planning in Series Production

Produce Feasibly, Cost-optimized, and On-Time Is Exactly what the Market Really Needs

Production planners in series production are faced with the challenge of taking into account a large number of combination options and restrictions in order to ensure a smooth production process. Machine capacities and raw materials must be brought into line with delivery deadlines. For successful simultaneous planning, the tailor-made combination of individual consulting and the use of the ADD*ONE planning software is crucial. Our software helps you maintain an overview and successfully master this complex task. In contrast to classic planning methods, we calculate a feasible and cost-optimized production plan for all articles and production stages, i.e., all dependencies in your production.

The dynamic batch-size calculation supports you in allocating the desired market demand under grouping criteria, such as setup classes across all production stages, so that one thing is always adhered to – the delivery date. Doing this ensures customer satisfaction in the long term. Not only are safety stocks taken into account, but also relevant restrictions such as material availability, machine capacities, minimum run times, minimum lot sizes, and min/max lot sizes at the same time. Thanks to this approach, you avoid manual rescheduling and delivery delays.  

The result is, with us, you produce feasibly, cost-optimized, and on schedule precisely what you can plan based on the market-driven sales forecast.

Your Advantages

  • You receive a feasible and cost-optimized production plan across all stages of the supply chain
  • You meet delivery deadlines, even with limited capacities
  • You master the growing product variants
  • You optimize your inventories through market-oriented sales forecasts
  • You avoid manual rescheduling and delivery delays
  • You provide yourself and your employees with more security in day-to-day production

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Simultaneous Production Planning Briefly Explained

Simultaneous Production Planning Intelligently Implemented

Efficiency and flexibility in series production

In simultaneous production planning, you consider all production restrictions simultaneously, which ensures that the individual processes mesh smoothly. In this way, you can manage the growing number of product variants to facilitate on-time deliveries, resulting in a sustainable increase in customer satisfaction.

More teamwork and less need for coordination

Through our holistic approach and the implementation of individual process requirements in the ADD*ONE solution suite, you integrate sales forecasting, procurement, and production planning into a single strategic process. All those involved in the planning process work with one system and thus have the same level of data and knowledge. This, in turn, simplifies communication and significantly reduces the amount of coordination required. You, therefore, create closer coordination and a smoother production flow.

Security through collaboration

Every company is individual; we know that from years of experience. Therefore, we develop a specific feasibility concept with you to align the actual ADD*ONE software solution as optimally as possible with your production processes. We take into account the concerns of the various departments involved in the planning process – from the scheduling of raw materials and purchased parts to the planning of production capacities – and combine them in one system. The algorithm can suggest decisions such as extended workbench or make-or-buy as options based on cost considerations. With the help of the management-by-exceptions principle integrated into the software, you give yourself and your employees more leeway to solve critical situations in production and to master day-to-day production with more certainty.

Success Stories

The great transparency is about being proactive and not just reacting. We can now compile selections and generate evaluations very quickly from the huge amount of information.
Rupert Freutsmiedel, Director of Supply Chain Management at Dr. BABOR GmbH & Co. KG

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Our mission in the Inventory & Supply Chain division

We empower you.

"We empower you." is Our Mission

As a provider of holistic solutions, we draw on over 50 years of practical knowledge from numerous software projects. The cooperative partnership and intensive exchange with our customers have always been invaluable to us. "We empower you." is therefore not just a slogan for us in the Inventory & Supply Chain business unit, but our mission to inspire you in your daily work. Thus, from the very beginning, we provide you with the right tools and strategies to successfully master your individual challenges in supply chain management. Our many years of experience enable us to work with you to develop solutions that give you and your entire team peace of mind and take the pressure off you, even in economically turbulent times.

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Stefan Auerbach

Stefan Auerbach

Expert for Simultaneous Production Planning

Stefan Auerbach has been working for INFORM GmbH in the Inventory & Supply Chain business unit since 2015 and is mainly involved in the topic of simultaneous production planning for series manufacturers.


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