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Less Counting Effort, Less Stress, and More Certainty in Stocktaking

Once a year, the legislator requires companies to prepare a balance sheet. To accomplish this, each warehouse must measure, weigh, and count to record the inventories with the correct value on the balance sheet. Typically, this means that everything has to be counted on one reporting date to get the full inventory. However, even in the case of a postponed or perpetual inventory, all inventories must be recorded and checked once, but this can be done on the side over a period of time.

Those involved often perceive this activity as an annoying necessity. It unnecessarily ties up a lot of (specialist) personnel for a long time, who are then not adding value during this time.

For the warehouse manager, this type of inventory means stress and pressure, as it is often accompanied by production stops and warehouse closures, which negatively impact the company's overall operations.

With our software solutions, we support you efficiently with your inventory. As a result, you reduce your annual counting effort, the personnel required for the inventory, and thus, also, your costs. The entire inventory handling is optimized, making the annual stocktaking significantly more convenient and stress-free for you and your employees.

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Daniel Schulteis

Daniel Schulteis

Expert for Inventory Sampling

Daniel Schulteis works at INFORM in Account Management with a focus on the INVENT XPERT solution for inventory sampling. You can find out more about him on his LinkedIn profile.


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