Shift and Personnel Planning

More Flexibility With Intelligent Shift Planning

The coordination of and overview over all employees and their shifts is enormously important - but not that easy. On the one hand, you always need to know who is assigned where and when, and on the other hand, your employees' lives are determined by this schedule. In addition, there are unexpected absences, various working time models, and different qualifications.

Our shift planning solution FELIOS | SPE supports you in ideally scheduling your staff resources and enables you to always react flexibly.


  • Ideal scheduling of all employees
  • Fast and flexible reaction to short-term changes
  • Consideration of different qualifications and shift models
  • Data that is always up-to-date for everyone involved in the process, taking into account data protection and specifications by the works council


With the FELIOS shift plan editor, you are able to combine your short- and long-term employee scheduling in just one tool. Define individual shift models or absence reasons and assign different (additional) qualifications to employees. This ensures the ideal utilization of all resources in your planning and the allocation of necessary responsibilities, such as fire safety officers or first aiders.

Woman and man in production hall using operation panel


Workers in warehouse at tablet


  • Intelligent planning in the long and short term
  • Ideal utilization of all employees at the appropriate resources
  • Simple application and special care in handling personal data
  • Integration into existing system environments as well as FELIOS | APS and FELIOS | PM for central planning from a single source
  • Interaction with existing HR systems
Jan Brittner

Jan Brittner

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