Production and Machine Data Acquisition (MES)

Getting the Best out of your Production With Data

Several terabytes of data are generated in production every day. For some companies, this data lies around unused. Often times, they do not even realize the potential it holds. Or would you immediately know what to do with the information your machine gives you?

 That's where our flexibly adaptable solutions for production data acquisition come in. They help to not only collect your operating and machine data, but also evaluate it to optimize your production planning and get the most out of your data.


  • Full data and planning transparency
  • Seamless collection and evaluation of all relevant production data
  • Sustainable increase in productivity and ideal capacity utilization
  • Improved quality of data and information, forming the foundation for planning optimization


Our solutions production and machine data acquisition, FELIOS | PDA and FELIOS | MDA, support your daily business by automatically and seamlessly collecting all relevant key production data. Always have all relevant information available in real time, at just a glance, wherever you are. This allows you to identify malfunctions or backlogs early on and to reduce machine downtime and unproductive times. Rely on up-to-date and reliable data for your planning, leading to well-founded management decisions.

Worker in production at operation panel


Two workers in front of robot match data on tablet and paper list


  • Easy operation and constant availability of information
  • Meaningful analyses based on all relevant data
  • Automatic monitoring and notifications
  • Close the control loop in planning, by combining other modules of the FELIOS product family
Jan Brittner

Jan Brittner

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