Vehicle yard Management

Vehicle Yard management: smooth processes and maximum efficiency

The complex processes at a car terminal require an intelligent system to efficiently manage your employees, the terminal and the vehicles.

Our software helps you stay on top of things and automate terminal operations.

Our yard management software gives you complete visibility into the vehicles on the yard. All information about deliveries, locations and status in the yard and in the technical center can be retrieved at any time.

The planning of each vehicle movement and the operational processes are controlled from a central system. All information and orders can be sent to handhelds at the car terminal and in the technical center.


Gain visibility & control 

  • Full visibility of all vehicles - their location, condition and process status - through optimized recording of all processes.
  • Cost savings of up to 15 percent through optimal utilization of existing human and technical resources.
  • Improve quality by standardizing processes and reducing vehicle damage.
  • Improve on-time delivery and reduce cycle times by organizing loads and orders for the day and for the future.
  • Real-time reporting and analysis of key business metrics.

Benefit from our yard management solution 

  • Forward Planning
    Weekly and daily planning of individual vehicle deliveries and pick-ups at the terminal. In addition, intelligent control and optimized utilization of existing human and technical resources.
  • Real-time information
    Comprehensive real-time view of all parking positions, vehicles and orders in the yard, as well as loading activities at the vehicle terminal.
  • Optimized Parking Positions
    Assignment and storage of the optimal parking position for each individual vehicle, taking into account the modalities and time requirements for delivery, storage and onward transportation.
  • Automated communication
    Web platforms and standard interfaces for fast and smooth communication with business partners.
  • E-gate functionality
    Electronic and autonomous check-in and check-out for delivery and collection by truck.
  • Integrated Technical Center
    Fully integrated technical center for on-time maintenance and modifications.

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Dennis Feddern

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