Logistics service provider

High visibility and optimal utilization

In the dynamic world of automotive logistics, third party logistics providers (3PL / LSP) face many challenges.

Our AI-based software brings efficiency and predictability to your processes with future-proof optimization solutions.


  • Just-in-time deliveries
    Logistics providers must time deliveries so as not to disrupt automakers' production processes. Delays can be costly.  
  • Efficient route planning
    Optimizing transportation routes is critical to reducing delivery times and keeping operating costs low.  
  • Global supply chains 
    The automotive industry is globalized, making coordination across countries and continents difficult.

Your advantages

  • Real-time data analysis
    Our software enables continuous monitoring of inventory, supply chains, and transportation routes. This enables companies to respond quickly to changes and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Optimized route planning
    AI analyzes traffic data, weather conditions, and other factors to create the most efficient routes for deliveries. This results in faster delivery times and cost savings.
  • Demand forecasting
    Our software can predict demand and adjust inventory accordingly to avoid overstocking or out-of-stocks.
  • Compliance management
    The software helps ensure regulatory compliance by automatically handling customs formalities and managing documentation.
  • Globalization Capability
    The adaptability of our software enables logistics providers to easily operate in global markets and expand their services.


With our AI-based software, automotive logistics providers are well equipped to meet the growing demands of the industry while increasing their efficiency and competitiveness.

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