steel industry

Flexible control for a robust steel industry

Steel is strong, malleable and resistant. Its ability to be recycled indefinitely makes it a sustainable material and is indispensable in numerous industries.

However, steel production is energy and transport-intensive. The supply and disposal of raw materials at the plant, the transport of intermediate products and the removal of finished products require an efficient logistics chain.

Intelligent optimization systems support logistics processes, ensure transparency and a higher level of service, and contribute to sustainability in the steel industry.


  • The path to climate neutrality
  • Increasing demands from processing industries
  • Overcapacities and global competition
  • Changing customer needs

Highlights of our solutions

  • Optimized yard management processes
  • Mapping of accompanying special processes such as weighing, trailer deliveries, etc. according to individual process requirements
  • Consideration of all relevant modes of transport in inbound and outbound logistics
  • Efficient intralogistics management

our solutions for the steel industry