More Sustainable Production of Cosmetics Through AI-based Solutions

Solutions for Greater Innovation and More Resilient Supply Chains in the Cosmetics Industry

Difficult raw material procurement, increased costs for energy and ingredients, ever more regulations and bureaucracy, and strong competition: decision-makers in the cosmetics industry need supply chain management that meets these diverse requirements and provides targeted support for their planning processes. The goal is to deliver appealing cosmetic products of high quality at optimal prices to the customer on time. 

Regardless of how complex your product range is, what fluctuations your sales are subject to, and from where you source your raw materials, with our support, you will be able to respond more quickly to trends and successfully place your products on the market, even under complex and bureaucratic conditions.

In doing so, we not only consider the optimal distribution of your costs for the production and procurement process and compliance with quality standards but also the most sustainable implementation of your business objectives. For example, best-before dates are already taken into account in the planning process to keep your markdowns as low as possible and achieve your sustainability goals, such as saving packaging material.

Your challenges

  • From skincare to makeup to fragrances – your product range is demanding and complex
  • Your customers' preferences change quickly, yet you want to predict the right amount of product to make as accurately as possible
  • You get your ingredients and products from a wide variety of sources
  • Your customers expect the most sustainable use of raw materials possible

Solutions that Optimize Your Business

Success Story

Andreas Schäfer

Andreas Schäfer

Expert for Supply Chain Optimization

Andreas Schäfer has been working for INFORM GmbH in the Inventory & Supply Chain division since 1999. In his role as sales manager, he supports interested parties from the supply chain sector in the decision-making process for selecting the optimal planning software.


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