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Financial Crime Prevention and AML compliance

Enhance your fraud prevention and AML compliance for the finance sector to new levels and make it future-proof with our cutting-edge Hybrid AI solution.

Recent significant socio-economic changes have profoundly affected the finance industry, presenting substantial challenges for financial institutions, payment processors, and insurance carriers. Digitalization has contributed to both an increase in sophisticated fraud and a surge in data volume, necessitating efficient management and immediate analysis. Additionally, factor in the evolving regulatory landscape, complexities in cross-border transactions, and the delicate balance between customer experience and security. This paints a partial picture of the challenges the financial sector faces in risk and financial crime prevention.

Let us empower you to effortlessly navigate these challenges. With our solution portfolio, financial institutions are given the ability to enhance resilience against both current and future obstacles while ensuring compliance with AML regulations, thanks to an intelligent fusion of knowledge-based expertise and data-driven Machine Learning powered by real-time Hybrid AI technologies.



More than 250 companies in finance, insurance, and telecommunications protect their customers with the holistic risk & fraud solution portfolio offered by INFORM, including:

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