Inventory in SAP EWM

Add-in Software for Convenient Inventory Management in SAP EWM

Intuitive End-to-End Solution for HU-based Full Inventory or Inventory Sampling

Like most ERP or warehouse management systems, SAP EWM supports the classic complete inventory. However, this is associated with a high expenditure of time, personnel, and costs. In addition, a full inventory means production stops and warehouse closures in many companies.

The Inventory Manager offers you, as a user of SAP EWM, a simple interface solution to connect to INVENT XPERT. This gives you the choice between full inventory and inventory sampling.

Due to the comfortable handling, you simplify your inventory and experience a stress-free and efficient inventory process.

The guided process, simple file exchange, and transparent documentation mean less stress for you during your inventory. In addition, the add-in software offers useful extended functions around inventory based on SAP EWM standard modules.

Your Benefits

  • Perform a handling unit-based complete inventory or inventory sampling
  • Integrate our solution easily into your system thanks to release-ready standard development with modules from SAP EWM
  • Rely on reliable workflow support throughout the entire process
  • Benefit from transparent documentation with inventory plans, logging, and document archive
  • Create your inventory report for the auditor conveniently via the tool
  • Experience a comfortable inventory in your familiar SAP EWM environment

INVENT XPERT – Our Solution for Inventory Sampling

SAP EWM does not offer the possibility of inventory sampling. However, our Inventory Manager tool creates an interface to our inventory sampling software INVENT XPERT. 

This way, you benefit from the mathematical-statistical procedures of the software and can carry out a more efficient inventory sampling procedure.

Inventory in SAP EWM – Features of Our Solution

For Complete Inventory and Inventory Sampling

Handling unit-based inventory 

For purely HU-managed warehouses, we also offer the HU counting element as an extension to the standard inventory document in SAP EWM. You can carry out an HU-based inventory for both the full inventory and the inventory sampling.

Smooth process

With the add-in solution, you have a smooth inventory in connection with SAP EWM – without taking up the capacities of your SAP IT.

Keeping track

The process of performing an inventory as a permanent count is strongly supported in SAP EWM. With the Inventory Manager, you keep track of the already counted volume during the process, and you can thus better estimate the still upcoming worklist.

Easy customization

The transport of the Inventory Manager into your SAP system and the corresponding customizing of the product-specific parameters and tables can be stirred through in no time.

Create inventory report

Conveniently generate your inventory report with all relevant information for the auditor as a PDF. Which area was inventoried? How many items were counted? What differences have occurred? You get everything in one document.

Additional Features for Inventory Sampling

The organization and handling of several hundred random samples, possibly also for different random sample inventories in different storage areas, is made possible by transparent presentation, clear classification, and comprehensible logging.

The processing of the samples selected by INVENT XPERT takes place in the standard inventory document in SAP EWM and can thus be used in the vast majority of your warehouse areas without further adaptation. In addition, you can also integrate existing technical supports, such as scanners or picking workstations, into the sampling process in an uncomplicated and quick manner.


Using HU-based inventory sampling can further reduce counting effort and save costs. Especially the application in automated storage areas benefits significantly from HU-based inventory sampling.

Data exchange

An extended data exchange must occur for a permanent inventory sampling, which the Inventory Manager ensures via a guided workflow.


The Inventory Manager offers the possibility to store inventory-relevant reports and documents from INVENT XPERT directly in SAP EWM under the respective inventory sampling. This gives you a central place to store inventory-relevant documents.

Success Stories

In the framework of simplified inventory taking by means of the inventory sampling software INVENT XPERT we have benefited for many years from the significantly reduced effort that is required for inventory taking.  Following the introduction of SAP EWM in our new and highly automated logistics center, we were looking for a way to carry out either an inventory sampling or a full inventory taking at handling unit level.  We were immediately impressed by INFORM GmbH's Inventory Manager, as it offers us a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that ensures transparent inventory taking and makes it easy to create all inventory-relevant reports and documents.  
Eugen Gomer, Process Manager Intralogistics \ Group Logistics at CERATIZIT 

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Daniel Schulteis

Daniel Schulteis

Expert for Inventory Sampling

Daniel Schulteis works at INFORM in Account Management with a focus on the INVENT XPERT solution for inventory sampling. You can find out more about him on his LinkedIn profile.


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