Healthcare Logistics

healthcare logistics
innovatively optimized

Smart control of all logistics processes in hospitals

To enable efficient, economic and adaptable healthcare logistics, effective control of the entire information and workflow chain is required. Employees must be at the center of the organization. The goal is to support and relieve their daily work.

your benefits

  • Full transparency of the current transport situation
  • Higher quality through improved transport performance
  • Increased adherence to schedules in the transport service
  • Optimized responsiveness thanks to real-time control
  • Intelligent networking of all areas and work processes
  • Individual scalability to the logistical organization

Optimized logistics processes

The healthcare logistics system SYNCROTESS organizes the entire process of all types of transport within the hospital and optimally manages in real time:

  • patient transport
  • ‘fetch and carry’ services
  • material transport
  • other service activities
  • cleaning and reprocessing services such as bed preparation, sterilization, technology, etc.

The software enables uniform and centralized logistics control of active and passive transport resources to ensure the best possible patient care while also operating economically.

Transport service benefits

  • Optimized powerful real-time control
  • Intuitive operation that can be learned quickly
  • Easy integration into the existing EDP environment such as HIS
  • Automatic control center
  • Reduction of idle times and empty runs
  • Increase of efficiency up to 30%

Networking of all areas in the hospital

With optimized software support, we are well prepared for the logistical challenges arising from the developments in our industry. The quality of care, the efficiency of the processes and the staff motivation have verifiably increased.
Ansgar Kruth, Head of the Transport and Materials Management Department at Hannover Medical School (MHH)


Zdravka Ley

Zdravka Ley

Marketing Manager

Zdravka Ley started working for INFORM in 2002 and is focused in topics around the optimization and sustainability of delivery and internal transport logistics.


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