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Airline on-time performance plays a critical role in the industry. Delays affect productivity and cost airlines thousands of dollars every year. Process interdependencies and short turn times put special pressure on staff. Having one aircraft arrive at a location just in time to refuel, clean the cabin, and depart again becomes challenging especially when bottlenecks arise.  When not identified on time, bottlenecks can cause major deviations from the original flight schedule jeopardizing transfer connections.

airlines challenges


  • Detect which turnarounds face irregularities.
  • Assess the impact of an irregularity and how to mitigate it.
  • Calculate the downline impact of a local departure delay.
  • Identify if any passenger and/or baggage connections are at risk.
  • Inform departments to reschedule stands and gates in case of delays.

Realize a smooth take-off with INFORM's software solutions for airlines. Visualize the status and progress of all important aircraft handling activities in a concise and clear way. Have all relevant information at hand to identify your critical flights and potential passenger misconnections, thereby improving your processes and lowering operational costs

Benefit from

  • Achieve continuous monitoring on current and expected turnaround status.
  • Reliable delay forecast and evaluation of alternative handling options.
  • Calculate disruption impacts throughout multiple hubs and focus cities.
  • Get timely alerts on potential passenger and baggage misconnections.
  • Effortless communication with other stakeholders e.g., in case of changes to the plan.

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Sandra Gaviria

Sandra Gaviria

Marketing Manager

Aviation has become one of her great passions since she first got on an airplane at the age of 5. Years later, namely in 2020, that passion led her to a career at INFORM, where she started as Marketing Manager in the Aviation Division. Today, she is responsible for digital projects, particularly those relating to social media.