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Efficient Solutions for Increasing Individualization

The commercial vehicle industry offers a wide range of vehicles for commercial, agricultural and government applications. In doing so, it is always confronted with highly individual requirements.

Today, these challenges are compounded by the public debate on the climate impact of transportation. In addition to strong public pressure, commercial vehicle customers are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of their fleets.

At the intersection of policy, regulation, and customer demand, the commercial vehicle industry relies on innovative AI-based solutions to effectively address these challenges.


  • Reducing Emissions and Sustainability  
  • Electrification and alternative powertrains  
  • Digitalization and Connectivity  
  • Automated Driving  
  • Adapting to changing consumer preferences  
  • Adapting to new regulatory requirements

Highlights of our solutions

  • Optimized supply chain, yard management, and production processes 
  • Efficient decision making 
  • Minimized manual control decisions 
  • Cost savings and increased productivity

Our Commercial Vehicle Solutions



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